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Timekeeping Insights In The Palm of Your Hand

by Lucas Hayden A/E, Press Releases, Product Releases, Time & Expense, Unanet A/E News

Mar 26, 2020

Timekeeping Insights In The Palm of Your Hand Introducing Unanet A/E powered by Clearview 2020.1 Providing the real-time insight, efficiency, and accuracy to drive business forward. For architecture and engineering firms, time entry to billing is a critical process that must be efficient and intuitive. To maximize revenue and cash flow, many A/E firms are turning to integrated solutions that facilitate access and streamline the invoicing and payment processes. Accelerate your business with a user-friendly mobile web application. REDUCE ANNUAL REVENUE LOSS Make sure each billable charge is accounted for with on-the-go time and expense access. You can enter and approve from wherever you are, with added features such as geolocation to make it as effortless as possible. DECREASE IMPLEMENTATION AND TRAINING TIME Enjoy direct access to workflows and processes, with setup wizards for easy configuration of complex flows. GAIN INSIGHT INTO IMPORTANT BUSINESS METRICS Get quick and easy access to web-based dashboards with meaningful information on the fly, helping you manage your business with the utmost visibility and timeliness. Improve cash flow with enhanced invoice delivery and payment facilitation. STREAMLINE INVOICE DELIVERY AND TRACKING Save time and shorten your billing cycle with insight into invoice statuses from delivery to payment and automated due date reminders that let you focus your attention where it matters most. COLLECT PAYMENTS QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY Get paid faster by enabling secure, compliant invoice payments directly within the system, accounting for every transaction seamlessly and easing reconciliation efforts. Unanet A/E 2020.1 delivers crucial visibility into transactions, projects, and time. Unwavering Commitment This release is an example of our unwavering commitment to our customers and our continued laser-like focus on building efficient and innovative technology purposefully designed with customers’ needs in mind. Of all the attributes that Unanet embodies, customer-centric and purpose-built are the ones customers value the most. From software design to new features, everything we do is purposefully geared to the specific needs of professional service companies and based on direct customer feedback.