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New Product Release 2020.2


Unanet A/E, powered by Clearview, provides a web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that allows you to easily track and nurture client relationships, manage CRM and opportunity efforts, and improve opportunity tracking.

With CRM in the web, your firm can enjoy better customer relationships,increased pipeline visibility, more quality wins, and reduced cost by removing the need for third-party software.

Unanet A/E CRM aligns your relationship and pipeline data with accounting and project data, providing a true project-based CRM platform centered around the clients you have come to know and trust.



  • Visual, filterable pipeline and easy data entry provide sales management and staff with smooth pipeline management
  • Gain insights for project wins and future pursuits with detailed pipeline history
  • Painless and informed hand-off from BD to PM
  • Measure true cost of project with opportunity job costing
  • In-depth and real-time management and search of opportunity information with related CRM information
  • Seamless view of related employees, contacts, and other CRM information for more holistic pipeline management


  • Project-based CRM that aligns your data from contacts and pursuits to projects and profitability
  • Management can visualize, track, and measure CRM and pipeline effort across Business Development, Sales, and Marketing
  • Real-time, detailed CRM information that enables staff across the organization
  • Track the customer journey throughout the entire project lifecycle


  • Easily add and manage contact and firm information on-the-go
  • Empowers staff across the organization to be more prepared for conversations with insights into firm history
  • Easily search and manage contact and firm information in context with your pipeline from any device
  • Real-time or batch transaction entry
  • Quick adjustments with automated reversing entries
  • Transaction audit trails
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual reporting
  • Recurring journal entries to save time and keystrokes
  • Dynamic Revenue Recognition with multiple and custom methods
  • Labor Distribution for posting labor costs to your general ledger
  • Flexible account period configurations to match your fiscal calendar
  • General ledger budgeting for dashboards and reports
  • Manage bank reconciliations against your general ledger
  • Flexible rate system for managing bill and job cost rates
  • Track project burdened costs (indirect charges)
  • View metrics by client, project, and project sub-level
  • See detailed direct charges by labor, expenses, and consultants
  • Show backlog, remaining budget, and variance
  • See revenue and true margin for Fixed Fee, Cost Plus, and T&M projects
  • Provide direct access to real-time data for project managers
  • Forecast revenues and direct and indirect charges
  • Improve margins through actionable information based on work in progress
  • Earned value management ensures on-budget, on-time execution

Unanet A/E helps firms automate billing and collections processes. Project managers and billing staff collaborate with an integrated online Bill Review. Adjustments are easy and invoice generation is batched and automated. Deliver invoices via email and receive payments electronically. Generate account statements and AR Aging reports.


Unanet A/E helps firms automate payments to vendors and consultants. Reduce processing time and make payments via check or electronic fund transfers. Pay When Paid reporting enables you to determine when and how much to pay your consultants. Manage vendor information and easily process 1099s.


Simplify your purchasing workflow with a comprehensive system designed to expedite the process. Created to address the specific needs of professional services firms, it supports the entry and tracking of Purchase Orders for both project-related and in-house for materials, supplies, capital items, and services.

Unanet A/E purchasing also offers a flexible approval feature so that purchases can be routed based on item or project-specific approval rules. Purchase commitments can be visible to Project Managers and factored into project forecasts. Increase efficiency and reduce errors by automatically converting Purchase Orders to Purchases once complete.


Unanet A/E has native support for unlimited levels of corporate hierarchy. Manage enterprises with multiple companies and run financial statement reports per entity or consolidated for your entire organization. Establish as many companies, divisions, offices, departments, studios, or profit centers as your business needs. Profit sharing can be defined at project setup and automated inter-company billing eliminates double data entry.


Unanet A/E makes it easy to manage companies and projects across multiple currencies. Every company, project, journal entry, and invoice can be specified in a currency of your choice. Exchange rates are automatically updated for painless currency conversions and evaluation. Unanet A/E automates the management of multiple currencies, saving time and improving accuracy. 


Unanet A/E includes standard out-of-the-box financial statements and a powerful built-in Financial Statement Designer for creating reports specific to your business.

Gain insight into your business with real-time analytic dashboards. Monitor performance across your organization. Explore accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, and profitability, etc.


Unanet A/E 2020.2 CRM Enhancements

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