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In providing professional services to Federal, State, and Local Government agencies, government contractors need to minimize costs, reduce overhead, and streamline processes. But in addition to efficiently delivering services and projects which meet client needs, these organizations are obliged to follow the DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance guidelines and increasingly meet security standards and other compliance criteria. These can represent a significant burden and risk if your systems do not provide automated support for these requirements.

How Unanet helps

Unanet Cloud Project-Based ERP software for government contracting and professional services organizations provides a single source of truth and support for contracting requirements. Purpose-built in-house for the industry, we have over twenty years of DCAA-compliant implementation and product development experience, spanning 300,000 users and over 2,000 customers. Unanet software simplifies compliance and reduces risk with integrated controls and automated reporting that help you win more business.

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A GovCon's Essential Guide to DCAA Compliance

Government contractors need to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations imposed on them by the Federal Government that are often shrouded by numerous industry acronyms, such as FAR, DFAR, ICE, CAS, and many more. This article is a brief overview of the DCAA guidelines and an outline of the key DCAA compliance audits. A trusted advisor can help guide and prepare you with the right tools and procedures.

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DCAA’S role


Common audits

Forward pricing

Pre-award – Accounting System Audit


Special audits

Other audits

Incurred Cost

Unanet will enable DCAA compliance


The primary function of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is to perform contract and financial audits for agencies that are responsible for acquisition and contract administration for the US Government. The DCAA only audits contractors.

DCAA conducts these audits in accordance with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). The principles that GAGAS embodies are unbiased audit conclusions based on facts. If you are interested, there is a wealth of information on the DCAA website to help you more thoroughly prepare for impending audits.

“One of the several benefits of Unanet is the ease of satisfying a DCAA auditor.”

Timesheet compliance & SF1408

Unanet timesheet features and functions directly support the DCAA timekeeping requirements stated in the Automated Timekeeping Systems section of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). A timekeeping system that identifies employees’ labor by intermediate or final cost objective is specifically identified as a requirement in SF1408.

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Success story

As a leading IT products and services firm, Array Information Technology needed a user-friendly accounting system that would support DCAA Compliance. They also wanted a system that would provide real-time data and reporting to all 15 branches to make informed company decisions. Deltek GCS did not fulfill their requirements, so they looked to Unanet for help. After the implementation, Array is able to create real-time reports for managers, return accurate data, and successfully complete a DCAA audit demonstrating compliance in all material respects with the criteria contained in FAR 53.209-l(f) and Standard Form 1408 (SF1408) data.

“Unanet shone during our DCAA audit.”

David Baker

President and CFO of The Rehancement Group

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