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Ease project management with operational insight & control

As a professional services organization, your business depends on your visibility into engagements and projects. A project-based ERP solution that provides robust project management capabilities, reporting, and analytics can give your project managers the visibility and control they need to make strategic decisions across the enterprise. Your ERP provider should be aligned with your shared growth and success.

Unanet is your ERP ally,  turning information into actionable insights, helping to drive better decision-making, and nurture business growth. Unanet is your single-source solution that integrates Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software with Financials to help organizations reliably plan, track, and manage projects and people.

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“Unanet enables us to plan staff based on both their competency and existing commitments.”

CEO, Vertex Solutions

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Project management

Know exactly where your projects stand in real time and in one solution. Unanet project-based ERP for professional services organizations offers powerful and integrated project reporting, dashboards, and insights with no need to reconcile data across disparate spreadsheets and systems.

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Project management

Resource planning

Online bill review

Work orders

Reporting & analytics

Project management

Ensure project manager success
  • Create projects, plans, and opportunities with flexible business rules
  • Manage projects in a familiar planning style that includes real-time insights
  • Manage budgets/schedules at the project and/or resource level
  • Estimate opportunity value to improve company forecasting
  • Streamline project management processes, making your projects more profitable
  • Track change orders with built-in approvals
  • Reduce effort for revenue recognition
  • Review historical project results for future project planning
  • Earned value management ensures on-budget and on-time execution
  • Gantt Chart view with dependency relationships and critical path

Track time & expenses

As a professional services organization, it is vital that you use a timekeeping system that identifies employees’ labor to track utilization and resource supply & demand. Unanet’s web-based timesheet software enables the anytime and anywhere collection of hours and status for tracking project effort and supporting systems for payroll, invoicing, project accounting, chargeback, and job cost accounting. Whether your employees are in the office or on the road, you can simplify tracking time and expenses. Capturing this important information has never been easier than with Unanet ERP for Professional Services. Unanet timekeeping software is proven in organizations ranging from 10 to more than 50,000 users.

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Time & expense


Expense sheets

Time & expense

Efficient time and expense tracking

Unanet web-based time and expense software enables the collection of project effort anytime and anywhere. Eliminate administrative overhead with efficient time and expense tracking that makes employees more productive and projects more profitable. These features support systems for payroll, invoicing, project accounting, and job cost accounting.


Unanet Financials offer unique capabilities to project-driven organizations with general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cost pool calculations (allocations) integrated with project management, project accounting, and resource scheduling. With Unanet’s single-source solution, you eliminate unproductive time managing transactions, creating more time to transform the performance of your organization. Real-time visual insight of true costs (direct and indirect), margin, revenue, and forecasts ensures managers have the information needed to make optimized decisions about the project portfolio and resource effectiveness.

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General accounting

Project accounting

Improve collections & increase cash flow

Accounts payable




Reporting & analytics

General accounting

A general ledger for project-based businesses
  • Real-time or batch transaction entry
  • Quick adjustments with automated reversing entries
  • Transaction audit trails
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual reporting
  • Recurring journal entries to save time and keystrokes
  • Dynamic Revenue Recognition with multiple and custom methods
  • Labor Distribution for posting labor costs to your general ledger
  • Flexible account period configurations to match your fiscal calendar
  • General ledger budgeting for dashboards and reports
  • Manage bank reconciliations against your general ledger

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