The Basics of Incurred Cost Audits

Every year, DCAA performs thousands of audits but the most common is the Incurred Cost Audit. These audits continue to be a priority for DCAA to facilitate the closeout process and to reduce their overall incurred cost backlog. For DCAA, getting current on incurred cost means that they can conduct these audits closer to the year the costs were incurred, improving their ability to retrieve relevant records, ease contractor burden, encourage better compliance, and identify issues that may impact future audits.  Download our white paper and learn:

  • Purpose of the Audit 
  • Benefits of ICE
  • Who is Required to Submit an ICS
  • Policies and Procedures
  • DCAA Audit Objectives 
  • What Happens When the Audit is Complete
  • How Unanet Helps Your Prepare Your ICE