"Benefits of Maturing Your Project Management Discipline"

Achieving a strategic level of project management maturity should be on the mind of every project-based business, especially professional services firms. Proposals, budgets, resources, estimate-at-complete (EAC) are activities a project-based business can’t live without. In a perfect world, the project management activities will connect directly to time and financial systems. The integrated system (people, processes, and tools) will provide a level of visibility and control that will help mature your discipline and will improve execution success. Learn how to evolve the project management discipline

Professional Services organizations are all on different journeys as it pertains to capability evolution. Which one of these levels of maturity accurately depicts your current maturity status? 

  • Level 1 - Ad-Hoc
  • Level 2 - Basic Management
  • Level 3 - Organizational Standards
  • Level 4 - Quantitative 
  • Level 5 - Continuous Improvement 

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