"Have You Outgrown Your Existing ERP?"

Your small company is growing and so is the need for a project based ERP system that will scale with your growth/business strategy. You may be saying to yourself, “If it is not broken, don’t fix it!” But there comes a time when it is advantageous to make a change from a generic legacy system to a purpose-built ERP tool. Change is difficult, and it is human nature to avoid it, but at what cost? If you are wondering if the time is right for you, ask yourself, “do any of the 5 signs below apply to me?” If you answer yes to 3 or more it might be time.

  • You are experiencing spreadsheet chaos
  • You have concerns about meeting security requirements 
  • Your manual billing process is affecting your bottom-line
  • Your accounting team and expenses keep going up
  • You are being audited and scrambling for information 

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