"How to Produce an Accurate Forecast"

Forecasting is one of the most challenging activities for finance and project teams. The project teams often do not realize the impact they have on the company’s overall forecast and the effect on the organization’s overall strategy. It is the grass roots project plans for awarded work as well as forecasted opportunities that guide the business. The building blocks of the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and LongRange Plan (LRP) are the project forecasts; there is not a magic forecast that comes from the corporate finance team. These plans (AOP and LRP) are critical for all decision-making, and companies that do a great job forecasting will be more efficient and successful. Why is forecasting so hard to do? There are so many moving parts making it hard to get arms around all the components of a forecast at one time. Download our White Paper and Learn:

  • Who Influences the Project Forecast?
  • What is the Difference Between Budgeting and Forecasting?
  • Time Phase Your Budget and Forecast 
  • Start with the Pipeline
  • Establish a Resource Management Practice 
  • Model Scenarios for Best Fit 
  • Forecast Probability of Award (POA) using Pwin and Pgo
  • Utilize Rate Calculations
  • Top Down Planning vs Bottom Up Planning 
  • Find the Right Level to Forecast