Have You Outgrown Your Spreadsheets?

As companies grow, so do the number of spreadsheets required to run the business. Many have love-hate relationships with spreadsheets. They have become comfortable like a pair of old jeans. They have taken you to where you are today, but they will not take you to the next level. Right now, you may be juggling and hand keying information into 3,4,5…10+ off book spreadsheets, but can you really rely on them for disciplines (resource planning, KPIs, cost calculations, compliance support, etc.) that need accuracy and precision? Not only are spreadsheets inefficient and error-prone, they also will prevent you from having consistent processes. The more spreadsheets you have, so go the number of silos created in the organization. Silos just mean that the right people do not have the right information at the right time to make sound business decisions.

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