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We are excited to kick off 2020 with the release of Unanet 19.2, a tremendous upgrade that expands on purchasing functionality and introduces many new features to make your company more scalable than ever in the new year.

These enhancements provide unique capabilities that enable large prime contractors to integrate thousands of their subcontractors into a single system for subcontractor management, delivering transformational improvements in administrative costs for both prime and sub.

Here is a glimpse into some of the many benefits you will realize with this newest release.


Unparalleled real-time visibility

Unanet 19.2 brings new reports that show aggregated views of purchasing information including Purchase Order (PO) details, approval histories, and more. These reports round out the purchasing functionality, providing an enormous amount of detailed insight into purchasing activity in real time.

“The PO Details Report is an amazing tracking tool for customers to understand what they spend using those Purchase Orders, with incredible visibility even at the line level,” said Unanet’s Director of Product Management

With the 19.2 release, Unanet’s industry-leading real-time reporting has also been extended to include financial document transactions in several Time & Expense reports. These reports now deliver a full view of the complete project status with all user and accounting information in one place.


Increased efficiency and flexibility

Unanet 19.2 also includes powerful filtering capabilities for Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions, with the ability to filter the data on any field, including custom fields. This precise filtering, along with added search criteria options and import/export capabilities, will help your company remain scalable and efficient.

In addition, a new option to perform the Labor Cost Post by employee classification allows for more detailed accounting, flexible month-end close procedures, and accelerated processing time.