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Utilizing the New Features of Unanet 20.1

The Unanet team will provide an overview of the features that were released in 20.1. This is a chance to see the features in action and ask any questions you have. You will learn about

– Unanet Analytics
– Invoice Attachments
– Tabular Views
– Timesheet Enhancements

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Incurred Cost Submission - An Overview For Government Contractors

Please join BDO’s Senior Associate, Tetiana Gervis, CPA, and Unanet’s Kim Koster for an informative session to help in understanding your upcoming Incurred Cost Submission (ICS). The webinar will provide Government Contractors with an introduction to Incurred Cost Submissions, overview of preparation techniques and best practices, and common mistakes which could lead to scrutiny from the DCAA. Additionally, we will provide an update on the most recent DCAA audit trends.

You will learn about:

  • Current ICS audit landscape
  • General overview of the requirements of an ICS
  • ICS schedules explanations
  • ICS timeline and submission
  • Common mistakes when preparing the submission and how these mistakes could lead to inadequacies and/or inquiries from the DCAA

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Resource Management Maturity

Watch this webinar to learn where you fall on the resource management maturity scale and see how Nalas Engineering Services, Inc. transformed their resource management practice. 

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The Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) – What You Need to Know

Watch this webinar find out when and how the government conducts a CPSR, tips to prepare for the purchasing review, how to avoid common issues, and much more.

The Scoop on the Incurred Cost Submission

This webinar offers Government Contractors an introduction to Incurred Cost Submissions, overview of preparation techniques and best practices, and common mistakes which could lead to scrutiny from the DCAA. Additionally, this session provides an update on the most recent DCAA audit trends.

Why Do Projects Fail? Getting Ready for EIA 748 - Earned Value Management (EVM)

During this webinar, Paul Bolinger, an EVM expert from Humphrey’s and Associates, refers back to the causes of project failure, pointing out how a properly implemented and managed EVMS in compliance with EIA 748 can help mitigate or eliminate failure.


Unanet A/E: Getting Started with Invoice Delivery and Payments

This webinar is a 60-minute overview of how to get started with Unanet A/E Invoice Delivery and Payments.

Unanet A/E’s Invoicing and Payment features are designed to help you reduce the time and effort needed to receive payments from your clients. A/E firms no longer need to wait on a check in the mail that could slow down the payment process by days at a time. With Invoice Delivery and Payments, you’ll streamline invoicing with enhanced tracking tools, automated reminders and online payment facilitation, powered by Stripe. Payment Facilitation supports both ACH and Credit Cards and allows you to receive payments faster, provides a seamless invoicing experience for your clients, and includes financial reconciliation and reporting.


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Change Leadership in Challenging Times - Unanet A/E and PSMJ

During seasons of change both big and small, your ability to lead effectively will have a direct impact on who your company becomes and what you’re able to accomplish. Whether you lead from the top of your organization or from your kitchen table, you have the responsibility and the opportunity to direct your firm’s future during challenging times. In this webinar, we’ll team up with President and Principal Dan Cutter of CASCO to teach you some practical ways to manage change (plus all the emotions that come with it) in a way that instills confidence during trying times. 

This webinar will teach you

– How to describe the normal emotions of change

– How making changes in challenging times can amplify these emotions

– Strategies for supporting change in challenging times

– How to identify challenges blocking change in your organization


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Product Release: Unanet A/E 2020.1 - What's New?

Recently we announced the release of 2020.1 unveiling new features and functionalities for Unanet A/E that will provide immediate benefits to your A/E business. In addition to an easy-to-use web app we launched key enhancements for invoicing and receiving payments.

  • Invoice delivery and tracking facilitate invoicing with enhanced invoice email tracking tools, automatic reminders for due dates and past-due invoices, and a new invoice attachment capability with support for multiple attachments.
  • Payment facilitation allows companies to collect payment via ACH and credit cards, for quicker accounts receivable resolutions. This is a brand-new feature that will significantly simplify payment processing. 

To help you take advantage of these great new features, we’d like to invite you to view our pre-recorded webinar where we’ll walk through the many new features that are now available to help you run your firm.


Yes, You Can Do Dashboards!

Are you intimidated by SQL? Do you think you need to be a programmer to create Analytic Dashboards? This is the webinar for you. Join us as we walk through the creation of an analytic dashboard in Unanet A/E (formerly InFocus) from a non developer’s point of view.

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Project Forecasting: It's Easier Than You Think!

Forecasting future work is a best practice that can lead to better project results. In this third of our five-part PM Webinar series, we will cover the estimate to complete (ETC), the estimate at complete (EAC) and their role in helping you maximize project performance.


Slack Integration with Unanet A/E (formerly InFocus)

Slack is a very popular communication tool. See how it can be used with InFocus to keep your staff informed and engaged.


Forecasting Revenue for Fixed Fee Projects

Join us as we talk through how to use our new Revenue Forecasting analytic dashboard to gain insights on your Fixed Fee Projects with Unanet A/E (formerly InFocus)

Go With the Flow: The Unanet A/E Tool For Collecting and Managing Data

Welcome to our new approach to collecting and managing data for technical users. Join us as we introduce our interview based, game changing tool. Utilizing simple language, clean screens and business logic driven decision steps.