Project Management


  • Estimate opportunity value to improve forecasting.
  • Prioritize opportunities across the enterprise to reduce redundancy.
  • Align projects to corporate strategy.
  • Lower project management administrative/implementation costs.
  • Enable accounting control over the project level and project manager control over the task levels.
  • Reduce costs for revenue recognition.
  • Review historical project results for future project planning.
  • Earned value management ensures on-budget, on-time execution.



Supporting The Way You Need To Work

  • Create opportunities and projects with flexible business rules.
  • Interface with Microsoft Project and other software for interchanging project and task data.
  • Constrain budgets/dates at the project, task and person level.


Real-time Alerts and Collaboration 

  • Issue alerts based upon tailored settings for each project manager.
  • Trigger emails notifying users of new and/or changed assignments.
  • Collaborate with customers and team members on projects.


Powerful Project Budgeting and Costing

  • Provide rate flexibility and date effective values - person, labor category, or any project or task level rate override.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities including graphical dashboards, summary, detailed and periodic reporting using custom accounting calendars.
  • Calculate fully burdened project costs with a suite of reports showing direct and indirect costs associated with a project.