Purchasing Software


  • Real-time visibility for all relevant staff into purchase order commitments.
  • Period sensitive reporting allows users to see open commitments at a particular time period (ex. End Of Month)
  • Eliminates reconciliations as the buying, billing, and revenue recognition is all in one tool
  • Real-time reporting for continuous status 
  • Complete traceability and audit trail for audit support
  • Subcontractor labor and expense collection and billing in one integrated system
  • Designed to support the requirements of Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)


  • Track all purchases made against the project (direct and indirect)
  • Purchase requisition workflow and approval 
  • Purchase order and vendor invoice workflows and approvals
  • Approval rules based on user defined approval group 
  • Once the PR is approved easily create PO 
  • 2 (PO to Vendor Invoice) and 3-way matching (PO to Vendor Invoice to Timesheet or Expense Report) for subcontractors and Other Direct Costs
  • Automatically pull in the matched labor and expense transactions into the invoice
  • 100% integration with billing/invoicing, time, and expense
  • Commitments decrease as time and expenses are entered in Unanet and vendor invoices
  • Attach documents at the line level and email attached docs are part of the PO Form