Resource Scheduling & Skills Management


  • Target organizational competencies by specifying organizational skills.
  • Achieve effective resource utilization and improved service levels.
  • Forecast capacity, revenue, cost and work schedules.
  • Identify and load level overbooked resources.
  • Determine if people are working to plan or on unplanned work.


Skills Management and Resource Requesting

  • Identify organizational skills, certifications, job desires, and other criteria.
  • Maintain skills by people or by managers.
  • Support a formal and collaborative process for resource requesting and fulfillment
  • Flexible resource management roles to allow for resources to be managed in different styles of matrix organization

Plan Future Work

  • Plan people or people types for projects based upon availability and skills.
  • Plan or assign people for multiple periods for a project, or multiple projects, in a powerful grid format, similar to a spreadsheet
  • Enable users to monitor or schedule planned work, vacations, seminars, etc.
  • Assign people to projects for a hard book, with constraints on budget and timespan.

Graphical and Periodic Reporting

  • View graphical and tabular reports of resource capacity, plans, commitments and utilization.
  • Report periodic planned or budgeted work at selected organizational levels.
  • View calendar reports for planned or budgeted work.