Consulting Services

Unanet’s Services team brings extensive experience to your adoption of Unanet software, and applies product expertise and industry best practices based on more than 2,000 customers to ensure your goals are met.

Unanet offers a traditional custom consulting approach as well as a defined service product called Keystone. The Keystone Service Product for Government Contractors is built on a Pre-Configured Database, e-Learning Tools and an accelerated methodology.

The Unanet Consulting Services custom consulting methodology includes the following key elements:

We start every project by asking you to complete a Business Process Discovery Questionnaire. Your responses help us to understand your organization, its processes, and its implementation objectives to ensure that the services we provide meet your needs.

Next, we develop an implementation plan identifying activities, time frames for task completion, and responsibilities. We identify assumptions and document critical success factors. On a regular basis, we provide status updates that contain open action items, notes about decisions reached during the meeting, and performance against budget.

Execution & Quality Assurance:
During the execution phase, we thoroughly explore your requirements; assess how best to use Unanet in the context of your existing processes; if necessary, define new processes with you; begin to configure your software; address how to load your data; and provide detailed usage and functionality information. The output of this effort is the baseline understanding of how different roles, business rules, and processes will be supported using Unanet.

We translate your requirements into a configured system, using defined properties to control its fundamental behavior. Your system administrator is led through this process to accelerate your learning of the application.

Typically, integration with accounting and other business systems will take place at this time. Optionally, your Unanet solution can be customized to enforce unique policies and business rules regarding timesheet and expense submittal. If these options are selected, we will deliver a data mapping document, interface templates, and validation routines as required.

Unanet consultants will work with you to populate key system data elements such as projects, tasks, employees, labor categories, expense types, vendors, chart of accounts, etc. In addition, historical information such as labor and expenses may be loaded at this time.

Throughout the process, requirements and the system implementation to support those requirements are validated.

System Launch:
Unanet uses a “train the trainer” approach to educate your key personnel on application functionality to provide them with sufficient knowledge to train their user community. Our consultants will provide you with training documentation and quick-reference guides prior to the training. For an additional charge, end-user training is also available.

As your system is deployed across your organization, Unanet supports your personnel during rollout, helping to take corrective action or answer questions if problems are encountered.

Project Closeout:
After Unanet has been rolled out and a payroll cycle has been completed, or a financial period has been closed, a project closeout meeting is scheduled with the key stakeholders. The primary goal of this meeting is to insure all requirements have been met and that you are ready to be transitioned from the Consulting Group to Unanet Customer Account Management.

Unanet’s Consulting Services methodology is a practical, proven, phased and structured approach delivers the benefits of a timely, cost-effective deployment of your new system, resulting in highly satisfied users and increased return on investment. For more information, and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

Unanet Consulting Services Process Flow

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