Keystone Service Product for Government Contractors


Unanet’s Services team brings extensive experience to your adoption of Unanet software, and applies product expertise and industry best practices based on more than 1,000 customers to ensure your goals are met.

In addition to a traditional custom consulting approach, the Unanet Services team offers a defined service product, called Unanet Keystone, specifically for government contractors, to compress implementation time and effort.

Unanet Keystone is built on three foundational elements, all based on industry best practices:

  • Pre-Configured Database designed and structured to support the specific needs of government contractors. The industry-specific capabilities of the pre-configured database are described below.
  • e-Learning Tools to ensure knowledge transfer to your staff, and successful system adoption:
    1. Self-paced videos allow you to understand best practices related to Unanet software before and during implementation. These videos provide insight on how Unanet will support your organization and processes, and how to efficiently apply these best practices to your business.
    2. Post-implementation access for education of additional employees, for system rollout and for new hires. These videos are always available for continuous education and reinforcement of concepts.
  • Accelerated Methodology – building off of the pre-configured database, standardized implementation process and e-Learning Tools, the implementation cost and duration can be significantly compressed by changing the focus of the implementation from configuration to customer education.

Recognizing that some topics are complex and require one-on-one discussion, Unanet subject matter experts are accessible to guide you as part of the Keystone implementation methodology. For organizations that require additional capabilities beyond the scope of Keystone, the Keystone Plus service product is available. Keystone Plus supports the definition of additional Cost Reports and Invoice formats, advanced resource management capabilities such as Forecasting/Requesting/Skills, or additional training. 


Preconfigured Database Designed for Government Contractors

Unanet Keystone for Government Contractors includes system configuration to support the following industry-specific capabilities required for project planning and government contract accounting:

  • Appropriate Chart of Accounts
  • DCAA Compliance
  • Federal Government Per Diems, Lodging and Meal Rates
  • CLIN/SLIN Reporting
  • Managing T&M, Fixed Price and Cost Plus Contracts
  • Indirect Rates and Calculations
  • Project Types, Cost Elements and Unallowables
  • Cost Report (Job Summary Report) Configuration
  • Managing Backlog, Option Years, Use of Thresholds and Alerts

For a consultation on which implementation approach best meets your organization’s goals, contact your sales representative.