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Welcome to Unanet University

Unanet University (UU) is committed to supporting our customers and partners with the resources they need to enhance their learning experience with Unanet software. UU provides opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of our software, reducing the time to competence so your team can more quickly apply this knowledge and drive success within your organization.

Unanet University goals & objectives

  • Deliver quality training on current and upcoming Unanet features and functionality
  • Provide multiple learning channels in live, virtual, and self-paced environments
  • Augment implementation and optimization efforts with additional learning
  • Offer continuing education credits where applicable

Maximize your use of Unanet with our instructor-led courses designed to provide you with a hands-on, in-depth exploration of the system. You’ll learn about exciting new features, get to experiment without impacting your own system, and earn certifications.

Unanet University courses are available in both free and paid forms. Most individual webinars, videos and simulations are available for everyone at no charge, while formal instructor-led classes and eLearning packages generally have a cost associated with them.

The Unanet University Learning Management System (LMS) is where all courseware can be found, organized by role as well as functional area of the Unanet software.

Learning options

Unanet University delivers quality role-based training content on a variety of Unanet software features and functionality for end users, administrators and implementers. Unanet University training enhances the value you receive from Unanet software.  Courses are available in multiple modalities such as:

  • Public and Private Instructor-led classes led by expert instructors
  • Self-paced eLearning
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Self-directed Learning (coming soon)

Unanet University All Access Learning Pass

The Unanet University All Access Learning Pass provides full access to all training content including formal instructor-led classes and eLearning packages.

With the All Access Learning Pass, your team can enjoy live or self-paced training for new hires, refresher training for existing Unanet users, and immediate access to updated training as new features are released.

The All Access Learning Pass is available as an annual subscription for your entire company, providing training how you want it, when you need it.

Certifications - now available!

The Unanet Certification Program is an industry standard that will help validate your level of skill and knowledge of specific Unanet products. Accreditation or Certification will help to set you apart in the competitive world of enterprise applications. The Unanet Certification Program is designed to enhance your professional credibility by providing quantifiable proof of skills and knowledge. The assessment exams focus on the practical application of knowledge of Unanet solutions required by specific roles.

Accreditations Offered

Certifications Offered


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