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Unanet University


Unanet University is committed to supporting you and ensuring you always have the resources you need. Unanet University offers opportunities for learners to gain a deeper understanding of Unanet, and apply this knowledge to their own organizations.


Our virtual learning management system (LMS) provides Unanet users access to our live classes, virtual classes, and self-study content.

Maximize your use of Unanet with our instructor-led courses designed to provide you with a hands-on, in-depth exploration of the system. You’ll learn about exciting new features, get to experiment without impacting your own system, and earn certifications. Learn more about upcoming classes.
In our courses, you’ll take a tour of Unanet A/E features like reports, dashboards, and integrations and help improve your Unanet experience. Gain powerful insights into utilizing our software that you can bring back to your team and grow faster than before. Learn more about upcoming classes.

Learning Options

  • Instructor-Led Courses with hands-on activities
  • Self-Paced e-learning
  • Webinars
  • Knowledge Center
  • Customer Certifications

Unanet University Goals & Objectives

  • Deliver quality training on current and upcoming Unanet features and functionality
  • Provide multiple learning channels in live, virtual, and self-paced environments
  • Augment implementation and optimization efforts with additional learning
  • Offer continuing education credits where applicable
  • Maintain the Knowledge Center repository as a valued resource containing FAQs, varied media formats, and recommended practices


Whether you are just learning about Unanet or are a long-time customer, we offer an extensive library of on-demand and live webinars.

Live Webinars

Gain crucial ERP insights and get a first-hand look at the Unanet software. Here you’ll find webinars covering:

  • Product Demos
  • Thought Leadership
  • Customer Webinars 

On Demand Webinars

Unable to make the next live webinar or simply want to learn more? Watch our archive of past webinars on your own schedule.


  • Unanet Accounts Payable Certification
  • Unanet Accounts Receivable Certification
  • Unanet General Ledger Administrator Certification
  • Unanet Billing & Revenue Process Management Certification
  • Unanet Project Management Certification


The Unanet Knowledge Center is a resource offered to share common practices, FAQs, and various scenarios.


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