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Save time, reduce errors, and improve subcontractor relationships

Onboard, manage, track, and allocate subcontractor time and expense in a single shared portal and mobile app to accelerate your business, improve cash flow, and reduce compliance risk.

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Connect, Simplify, and Optimize your subcontractor labor


Modernize subcontractor management

Empower subcontractors, share data, automate tasks, and integrate with existing software easily.

  • Offload tasks

    Enable subcontractors to manage their own employees and time

  • Shorten cash cycle by 4-6 weeks

    Mobile apps, automation, and integration keeps accounting compliant, accurate, and digital

  • Accurate, timely insights

    Real time data synchronized across projects, contracts, accounts and people

  • Reduce errors and risk

    Easily check and automate error detection to reduce compliance risk and accelerate cash flow


Key Capabilities

Our unique solution integrates easily with your systems & data, can be customized to fit your contracts, clauses, and processes, and includes a mobile app for simple, consistent time tracking.

  • Onboard & manage subcontractors 

    Provide each contractor with a dedicated employee portal

  • Customizable shared invoice forms

    Digital, shared documents and forms to reduce errors and accelerate approval

  • Compliance-first

    Compliant timesheets and audit trails for EVM, NASA 533, DCAA, and more

  • Integrated communication and documents

    Dedicated, shared subcontractor portal accelerates collaboration

  • Automated invoice creation

    Route approved time and expenses into custom invoices instantly

  • Mobile app

    Scan and input receipts automatically and track time anywhere

  • Set up timecard and expense rules

    Automatically enforce timecard rules and assign work to PO/Project/Labor Category Rates

  • Built for enterprise scale

    Unparalleled support  and flexible integration to existing ERP, CRM, and other systems

  • Shared, real-time visibility

    All project resources, budgets, EACs, actuals, and deliveries constantly updated from timesheet to executive dashboard

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