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Smarter, faster decisions with project-based analytics

Connected, comprehensive data from your entire business updated in real time helps your team say aligned, efficient, and ready to grow. Unanet delivers standard reports right out of the box, and our intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you build your own custom dashboards, alerts, and scheduled reports.

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with reports and dashboards pre-built specifically for GovCon

  • Spend hours on reporting, not days

    Prebuilt reports, automated scheduling and email, and interactive data allow you to quickly understand, investigate, and take action.

  • Insights for your business

    Customize the standard reports to match your brand and then generate easy to read charts and graphs using our seamless visualization tools. Easily view, calculate and transform data. 

  • Connect and empower people

    Give everyone in your company access to the best reports or manage access through custom roles and permissions. Eliminate shadow data and spreadsheets by giving employee the best and latest information.


Key things you can do with Unanet Analytics

Eliminate reporting bottlenecks and provide teams with a unified solution everyone will use with accounting features built for GovCon that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Express View Reports

    Access your Unanet data in real-time with an easy-to-use interface and unlock data discoveries with a new level of control
  • 1034 Pixel Perfect Template

    Readily see and pull all the data required for 1034 invoice format, saving your team time and the risk of costly data entry errors.
  • Scheduled alerts and reports

    Deliver weekly project status or quarterly earnings reports in any format (PDF, CSV, XLS, RTF, etc.) automatically at specified times. 
  • Out-of-the-box Reporting

    Utilize powerful out-of-the-box reports, including:

    • Trending Balance Sheet
    • Pivoted Income Statement by Organization
    • Trending Indirects
    • Statement of Indirect Expenses
    • Statement of Cashflows
    • Accrual to Cash Conversion
    • Contract and Project P&L Report
    • All the Major Schedules of the ICE Model
Software overview
Add On

Unanet Analytics Studio takes analytics and your business to new heights

Analytics Studio is an add-on to Unanet Analytics that offers a deeper level of analysis and drill-down capabilities with feature-rich, customizable dashboards. including the CXO Scoreboard and the Project Central Dashboard

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