Unlock powerful insights to drive business forward

Does your organization have the real-time information needed to overcome challenges, stand out from the competition, and plan for the future?

The Unanet Analytics Suite (including Analytics+ and Analytics Studio) provides greater clarity, control, and insight through real-time, custom reports and dashboards in the one ERP you love

Turn information into insight

Open new opportunities for business by enabling rapid, informed decisions and actions across the organization.

Drive operational efficiencies

Drive continuos, sustainable operational improvements, lower costs and reduce complexity

Connect and empower people

Foster informed and collaborative decision-making to unleash productivity and innovation

Unanet Analytics+

Delivering visibility and control with real-time data

Unanet Analytics+ is an industry-leading capability that provides an array of powerful and customizable reports and dashboards right out of the box.


Analytics+ benefits

Gain confidence in your data

with real-time 360° views and easy data manipulation

Find and correct problems faster

with critical management information

Ease administrative burden

with consistent, real-time data access

Replace manual, disparate spreadsheets

with one integrated ecosystem

Analytics+ Features and Reports

  • Express View Reports

    Access your Unanet data in real-time with an easy-to-use interface and unlock data discoveries with a new level of control

  • 1034 Pixel Perfect Template

    Readily see and pull all the data required for 1034 invoice format, saving your team time and the risk of costly data entry errors.
  • Scheduling

    Run and deliver reports automatically at specified times, such as weekly/monthly project financial status reports

    Schedule any report in PDF, Excel, CSV, or RTF formats to easily email to your team

  • Out-of-the-box Reporting

    Utilize powerful out-of-the-box reports, including:

    • Trending Balance Sheet
    • Pivoted Income Statement by Organization
    • Trending Indirects
    • Statement of Indirect Expenses
    • Statement of Cashflows
    • Accrual to Cash Conversion
    • Contract and Project P&L Report
    • All the Major Schedules of the ICE Model

Unanet Analytics Studio

Taking Analytics+ and your business to new heights

Analytics Studio is an add-on to Unanet Analytics+ that offers a deeper level of analysis and drill-down capabilities with feature-rich, customizable dashboards. including the CXO Scoreboard and the Project Central Dashboard


Analytics Studio benefits

Interact dynamically with your data

through feature-rich, customizable dashboards

Place real-time, key metrics

at your stakeholders’ fingertips

Put your data to work

to enhance project execution and productivity

Automate reporting processes

and produce immaculate invoices with Pixel Perfect Report templates

Analytics Studio Features and Reports

  • Advanced Reports

    Create complex tabular reports with a specific output format in Analytics Studio’s powerful report designer tool.

  • Cross Tab Reports

    Create pivot table reports where the number of columns are dynamically generated, providing you with additional customization.
  • Custom Dashboards

    Group your most used and most relevant reports together into a dashboard to place all the insights you need at your fingertips.

  • Pixel Perfect Reports

    Upload a report template in Excel, Word, or PDF, and sit back while Analytics fills in the blanks for you.

Analytics Studio pre-configured dashboards


Project Central Dashboards

Accelerate projects, meet deadlines, be profitable.

Unanet’s Project Central Dashboard is an interactive dashboard available in the Analytics Studio solution that brings together real-time project and financial metrics, allowing you to manage all your projects from one centralized hub.

The Project Central Dashboard displays information from 49 different project-based metrics in easy-to-read graphs and tabular formats, enabling you to know the status of your projects in real time, all the time, from any device

CXO Scoreboard

Place crucial insights at your stakeholders’ fingertips

Analytics Studio allows you to group your most used and most relevant information together into custom dashboards, such as the CXO Scoreboard supplied standard with Analytics Studio. The CXO Scoreboard allows you to bring together crucial metrics that your stakeholders care about most and lets them keep a pulse on the financial health of your organization.


Review the most valuable data for your most valuable resource

Analytics Studio’s People Dashboard unlocks advanced capabilities for easily and accurately monitoring workforce data and headcount in real time. Monitor Hire/Termination trends in real time, compare plans and capacities for strategic future planning, monitor revenue per head, and see trends by Entity and Org in a graphical format.

Unanet Analytics Suite benefits per role



  • Get instant visibility into KPIs supporting organizational goals
  • See critical information to drive business decisions
  • Identify trends and course correct if necessary
  • Easily develop financial insight – revenue, cash, pipeline, margin, and more
  • Create insight into organization, project, and portfolio status
  • Connect resource requirements with available skills
  • Manage by exception with mission success critical metrics

The Financial Professional

  • Gain insight into financial information to make decisions that support organizational goals
  • Develop real-time financial insight – indirect rates, AP/AR, revenue, cash, pipeline, Margin, and more
  • Assure labor metrics such as utilization are within tolerance
  • Track invoice cycles and net cash
  • Understand rate impacts and effects on projects and the overall business
  • See trends in balance sheet and income statements
  • Proactively manage all of your critical financial metrics with real-time and trending information.

The Project Manager

  • Proactively track and manage project performance
  • Combine financial and project data into one view
  • Track tasks and on-time deliveries
  • Manage resources and skills needed for project success
  • Eliminate profit losses on direct projects due to unanticipated project overruns
  • Reduce time spent producing reports and spend more time analyzing

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