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Accelerate your business with confidence

Track items, account for labor and inventory accurately, and remain compliant at all times. 

  • Lower costs

    Save money by ordering the right inventory at the right times and automating workflows to maximize utilization.

  • Compliance confidence

    Stay ahead of audits with our automated compliance reporting and built-in compliance guardrails for GAAP, CAS, and MMAS.

  • Employee experience

    Live, shared data in one tool enables more collaboration, less friction, and fewer errors.

  • Improve quality and productivity

    High-performing teams spend less time spent on administration and communication and more time building better products.

  • Accelerate cash flow

    Simplify invoicing, reduce billing corrections, and speed up payments through customizable invoices and project management tools.


Key Capabilities

Automate procurement, improve supply chain management, streamline operations, and stay compliant by keeping inventory and manufacturing in line with accounting and project management.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Automatic communication of item count, value, and project information. 
  • Audit Trails

    Detailed and accurate audit trails. 
  • Project alignment

    Automatic association of costs and margins to projects. 

  • Real-time insights

    Real-time insights into inventory levels, costs, and work in progress 

  • Customizable invoicing

    Create invoices in your customer’s desired format to accelerate approval 

  • Mobile Enabled

    Portable scanners make it easy to update status.

  • BOM and Project matching

    Integrate BOM and project structures to easily route and track work appropriately.

  • TITO and Automated Time Tracking

    Associate work with inventory status and projects automatically to roll up costs instantly.


The Inventory and Project Management Lifecycle

Automate to improve visibility, operations, and outcomes

A single solution with real-time visibility into projects, costs, and items helps you improve project performance

Out of the box

Sensitive information demands serious management.

Do not be satisfied with less than the full details.


Track products by project quantity, lot, and unique items by serial/tag code.

Handle returns and product history.


You can scan barcodes with your Android or Apple smartphone.

For extreme environments, we support rugged mobile barcode guns.


Connectors to many accounting systems are available.

What about yours? Speak with our in house development team.


All product transactions are logged automatically by date, time, and even operator.

Powerful search data grids, reports, and exporting assist you in auditing.


Print labels for bin locations, racks, work centers, returns, repairs, quarantine, or damaged areas.

Know the where and the status of your inventory.


Track movement with door, entrance, or exit areas with RFID door or ceiling mounted readers.

Audit the count of tagged items quickly with a mobile RFID reader.

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