Move from project management to profit management

Unanet AE is a comprehensive Cloud-based ERP solution designed for architects and engineers that allows project managers to leverage real-time project information to drive more proactive decision-making. Unanet AE fosters collaboration across the accounting and project management teams, ultimately improving project performance and enabling more profitable growth.

Key features include customizable project views, color-coded flags, and fully interactive KPIs. In addition, Unanet AE offers comprehensive tools for streamlined budgeting, resource allocation, and scheduling to enable flexible, automated project management.

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Project management

Resource planning

Online bill review

Work orders

Reporting & analytics

Project management

Ensure project manager success

  • Create projects, plans, and opportunities with flexible business rules
  • Manage projects in a familiar planning style that includes real-time insights
  • Manage budgets/schedules at the project and/or resource level
  • Estimate opportunity value to improve company forecasting
  • Streamline project management processes making your projects more profitable
  • Track change orders with built-in approvals
  • Reduce effort for revenue recognition
  • Review historical project results for future project planning
  • Easily track ETC, Percent Complete, and Earned Value
  • Gantt Chart view allowing you to easily see and manage critical path and dependency relationships, print the Gantt chart in full, and easily set predecessors via drop down.

Project Central

Siloed project management creates confusion as Project Managers struggle to get a clear picture of project performance, profitability, and resourcing. With no centralized project hub, Project Managers create their own reports that are out of sync with the actual financial positions of their projects.

Unanet AE Project Central is a unified, comprehensive digital experience that gives Project Managers full visibility to the status of their projects in real-time, all the time, from any device.

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Project Central Features

Prioritize projects with ease

Improve project performance

Streamline decision-making

Boost profitability

Prioritize projects with ease

  • Organize projects through color coded, filterable lists
  • Set up icon-based project flags to deliver personalized, quick insight
  • Load balance resources, projected needs, and appropriate staffing
  • View project schedules and anticipate and correct overlap with Gantt Chart

“With hundreds of projects and five offices, our managers need to stay current on the status of their work and have the tools to develop new proposals. Unanet A/E is indispensable for personnel management and project performance.”

Chuck A., Forecon

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