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Give your project teams the modern tools they need to plan and execute projects efficiently, making for happier staff, happier clients, and higher profits.

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Modern and easy to use for everyone

Get your project teams on board with an intuitive solution that eveyone will adopt.

  • Get trustworthy, real-time project insights

    whenever you need them with powerful, pre-built reports, dashboards and notifications.

  • Free up your teams for more billable work

    with tools that make it fast and easy to manage projects and get administrative tasks done.

  • Minimize the risk of delays and overruns

    with proactive notifications that help you stay agile and take corrective action before issues impact your projects.

  • Achieve predictable project outcomes

    with user-friendly planning and monitoring tools that remove the frustration of using multiple spreadsheets and error-prone systems.


Key things you can do with Unanet

Free up more time for billable work and get predictable project outcomes with project management features built for AE firms that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Create and manage project records

    with easy-to-build templates and a flexible work breakdown structure.
  • Plan and manage budgets and schedules

    with intuitive Gantt charts and real-time performance indicators.
  • Establish project-accounting controls and rates

    with comprehensive rate schedules and built-in guardrails for AE projects.
  • Monitor project performance and KPIs

    with real-time, interactive dashboards, indicators, and notifications.
  • Manage and track project activities

    efficiently using various features like Kanban-style card views with built-in time entry, interactive checklists, and automated Outlook notifications.
  • Review bills

    quickly and easily with our pre-built workflow. Approve bills or add comments and send them on their way with one click.
  • Track estimate-to-complete and earned value (EVM)

    using interactive charts that include performance indexes in context with metrics like ETC and EAC.
  • Process change orders easily

    with a simple, built-in approval workflow.
Analytics & Reporting

Key things you can see with Unanet

Keep your projects on track with a host of pre-built, interactive dashboards, reports, and proactive notifications—all based on trusted real-time data.

  • Project profitability

  • Forecasted project revenue

  • Budgets and schedules vs. actuals

  • Unbilled

  • Project backlog

  • Project risk and overrun alerts

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