Move from project management to profit management

Unanet ERP AE is a comprehensive Cloud-based ERP solution designed for architects and engineers that allows project managers to leverage real-time project information to drive more proactive decision-making. Unanet ERP AE fosters collaboration across the accounting and project management teams, ultimately improving project performance and enabling more profitable growth.

Key features include customizable project views, color-coded flags, and fully interactive KPIs. In addition, Unanet ERP AE offers comprehensive tools for streamlined budgeting, resource allocation, and scheduling to enable flexible, automated project management.


Project management

  • Create projects, plans, and opportunities with flexible business rules
  • Manage projects in a familiar planning style that includes real-time insights
  • Manage budgets/schedules at the project and/or resource level
  • Estimate opportunity value to improve company forecasting
  • Streamline project management processes making your projects more profitable
  • Track change orders with built-in approvals
  • Reduce effort for revenue recognition
  • Review historical project results for future project planning
  • Easily track ETC, Percent Complete, and Earned Value
  • Gantt Chart view allowing you to manage multiple project schedules with progress indicators, critical path, interactive schedule management, predecessors, and planning automations.


Resource planning

Manage staff workload efficiently
Unanet AE cloud-based resource planning software delivers a complete resource scheduling solution to help you optimize your critical resources while forecasting future demands, costs, and planning capacity. Generic resources and rough schedules can be used initially and then improved with specific resources with more detailed plans. Easily access staff utilization metrics and load balance as necessary.

Online bill review

Reduce PM effort & expedite invoicing
Project managers can easily review project charges online and provide billing instructions to accounting staff. Update percent complete information and review draft invoices from the same interface. Save time with key project information at your fingertips.

Task management

Agile, project-driven task management
Unanet AE’s visual task management solution works alongside your project structure (WBS) to provide an agile, collaborative platform for managing project activities, tracking time, keeping tasks organized, and, ultimately, getting more work done.

Earned value management

Forecast project performance to reduce risk
Ensure your projects are completed on-budget, on-time, and profitably with Unanet’s earned value management capabilities. By accurately measuring project performance, you can better forecast future outcomes to reduce risk and stay on budget.

Work orders

Unique work order system with Kanban
Unanet AE introduces a concept similar to Kanban, which is a visual system used for project management. Using work orders, you’ll streamline time entry by assigning to-do’s with pre-defined information like project, phase, job title, labor codes, billing status, etc. Employees simply view their open work orders and enter status updates. Time can be either charged directly to the work order, or employees can reference the work order when entering their time and the rest of the line auto-populates. Since work orders are proactive, you’ll reduce time-entry errors and save time through the billing process.

Reporting & analytics

Powerful embedded report designer
Unanet AE can support the most complex of reporting needs. Reports support drill-down to the transaction line item. A generous number of filters make focusing on the projects you want a reality. Reports can show metrics for up to three definable period ranges on a single report. Multiple levels of security can be applied so only the eyes you want can view sensitive information.

Project analytics in real-time
In addition to detailed reporting, Unanet AE gives your project managers insight into their project metrics with our fully interactive, easy-to-design analytic dashboards. Click to read more on Business Intelligence with Unanet AE.
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Project Central

Siloed project management creates confusion as Project Managers struggle to get a clear picture of project performance, profitability, and resourcing. With no centralized project hub, Project Managers create their own reports that are out of sync with the actual financial positions of their projects.

Unanet ERP AE Project Central is a unified, comprehensive digital experience that gives Project Managers full visibility to the status of their projects in real-time, all the time, from any device.

Project Central Features

Prioritize projects with ease

  • Organize projects through color coded, filterable lists
  • Set up icon-based project flags to deliver personalized, quick insight
  • Load balance resources, projected needs, and appropriate staffing
  • View project schedules and anticipate and correct overlap with Gantt Chart

Improve project performance

  • Monitor KPIs at the project and phase level using the overview dashboard
  • Track project performance across phases and tasks with seamless reporting
  • Access key metrics using detailed project views

Streamline decision-making

  • Quickly access projects with dynamic project search
  • Monitor projects without going into the office thanks to mobile-responsive design
  • Enable easy sharing with exportable project lists
  • Find the information you need when you need it using the interactive dashboard’s date slider, filters, and more

Boost profitability

  • Anticipate and solve project issues before they occur with outcome forecasting
  • Manage budgets and contracts with real-time information in bird’s eye view
  • Accelerate cash flow with a new, modern way for PMs and PAs to perform online bill review from any device

Agile project management

Project managers are drowning in to-do lists. Historically, PMs have organized their projects by a structure (WBS) that supports the high-level phases of work with an emphasis on billing. Now, there’s a better way.

Unanet’s new Kanban-style task management system gives project managers the power to easily visualize project scope of work, resourcing, time tracking, and status all in context of their WBS. Visualizing tasks in one location improves productivity and collaboration, ultimately helping teams:

  • Improve awareness of task progress and completion
  • Optimize collaboration on project activities and deliverables
  • Gain greater oversight into the activities that drive your projects forward
  • Anticipate problems before they occur
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