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Get real-time data and insights you can trust with Unanet 

Our pre-built, interactive reports and dashboards make it easy for your staff to see and understand what’s happening across the business in real-time without the hassle of building things from scratch. 

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with reports and dashboards pre-built specifically for AE firms like yours

  • Get real-time visibility to the metrics that matter

    with interactive dashboards and reports that put trusted data and insights right at the fingertips of you and your teams. 

  • Make data-driven strategic decisions

    like making sure you pursue the right opportunities, have the right people on each project, and are tracking to project milestones without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets.

  • Move faster and more agile

    so you can ensure better project outcomes now with powerful pre-built reports, dashboards, and proactive notifications that provide trustworthy project data and insights without having to wait on others. 


Powerful and pre-built for AE firms

We provide a range of pre-built, interactive dashboards and reports tailored to different job roles and simple to tweak without relying on finance or IT.


Intuitive and easy to tweak

Want to build your own? We make that easy, too, with a drag-and-drop design tool and pre-built queries and datasets. You can also use your favorite analytics tools, like Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, and Qlik, to get insights from data in our suite.


Real-time visibility across your projects

We know that some of the data you’d like to include in your dashboards and reports lives outside of our solution, we make it easy to tap into third-party data sources so you can get a complete picture of what’s going on in your firm.


Key things you can see with Unanet

Eliminate reporting bottlenecks and give the right people access to real-time information for more informed decision-making across the business.

  • Profitability

  • Growth Rate

  • Backlog

  • Utilization

  • Direct labor multiplier

  • Budgets and schedules vs. actuals

  • Unbilled

  • Forecasted revenue

  • Project risk and overrun alerts

  • And more…


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