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Manage Time & Expense

Speed up billing, reduce errors and remove T&E hassle with Unanet

Give your staff mobile-ready tools to capture time and expense effortlessly, reducing errors, freeing up staff, and speeding billing cycles.

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Streamline your T&E process

with modern, mobile-ready tools that everyone will use.

  • Give your people the modern tech they expect

    replace antiquated systems and automate tedious manual tasks that zap morale with modern, intuitive, mobile-ready tools that all your teams will adopt.

  • Get from time-in to bills-out faster

    with mobile-ready apps, reminders and notificaitons that are simple to use and built for the way AE firms do business.

  • Free up your teams for more billable work

    with tools that make it fast and easy to manage time and expense without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and error-prone systems.

  • Reduce errors and rework

    with user-friendly tools and built-in guardrails to ensure your data starts right and remains that way as it flows through your business.


Key things you can do with Unanet

Streamline processes and give your people the modern, mobile tools they expect with time and expense features built for AE firms that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Manage billing, job cost, and pay rates

    with comprehensive rate tables that support flexible rate types, multiple overrides, and effective start and end dates.
  • Submit and approve time and expense efficiently

    with highly rated mobile apps, automated reminders and notifications, and support for line-item approval.
  • Manage benefit accrual and PTO

    with automated benefit tracking for employee vacation, sick, holiday, and other paid leave.
  • Comply with state and local labor requirements

    with turn-key capabilities for tracking and distributing overtime, compensatory time, and other labor requirements.
  • Allocate overhead and indirect expense automatically

    using fully burdened job cost, overhead allocation, or specific logic to fit how you do business.
Analytics & Reporting

Key things you can see with Unanet

Put trusted, real-time data and insights into the hands of your executive and project teams.

  • Utilization

  • Direct labor multiplier

  • Profitability

  • Cost per billable FTE

  • Overhead rates


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