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Empowering employees with the actionable information they need to make informed decisions quickly will be crucial to future success.


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Project-based ERP and CRM solutions purpose-built for engineering firms 

Unanet delivers project-based ERP and CRM solutions, purpose-built for engineering firms of all sizes. Unanet’s solutions for managing opportunities, people, and projects employs one database, one look and feel, and one connected set of applications.


Today’s Engineering Challenges

  • Lack of insight into project status

    Makes it difficult to effectively monitor and manage your operations and deliverables.
  • Time-consuming, manual operations

    Affects your efficiency, productivity, and ability to meet deadlines, leading to delays and increased costs.
  • Difficulty making strategic decisions

    Hinders your ability to adapt to changing circumstances and optimize project outcomes.
  • Siloed data

    Creates friction between teams and hinders productivity
  • Lack of collaboration

    Limits your communication, coordination, and information sharing.

The Unanet Difference


  • Real-time analytics

    Keep a constant pulse on the state of your business
  • Streamline processes

    Streamline operations and reduce costs, complexity, errors, and manual activity
  • Better decisions

    Drive strategic and confident decision-making
  • Single source of truth

    Create a frictionless user experience that drives collaboration and user adoption
  • Team collaboration

    Unleash productivity and innovation with the power of collaboration.
  • Dedicated partner

    Trust in a CRM and ERP partner dedicated to your success

State of the Industry

Read about the insights, trends, and best practices our experts have identified that are shaping the engineering industry.

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