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Project Management

Total project visibility and management in one place

Flexible and intuitive tools to plan, track, and manage all of your projects in real time. Configurable to meet your business needs without sacrificing any compliance or efficiency.  Gain insight into performance through interactive dashboards, customizable analytics, and intelligent alerts.

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Modern and easy to use for everyone

Get your project teams on board with an intuitive solution that eveyone will adopt.

  • Save money and be more efficient

    Automate accounting, planning, and finance so PMs can manage projects, not data or reports.

  • Single source of truth

    Align people and resources to safely plan, track, forecast, and manage utilization for the full lifecycle of every project.

  • Lower DSO while scaling teams

    Real time data, collaboration, document sharing, alerts, and automated reporting  combined with built-in workflows and guardrails for invoicing make accelerating cash flow a breeze.

  • Reduce errors and re-work

    With flexible work breakdown structures and automated tools for detecting and fixing issues.


Key things you can do with Unanet

Free up more time for billable work and get predictable project outcomes with project management features built for GovCon that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Project-based architecture

    Purpose-built for government contracting to make critical, time-consuming tasks easy and automated. 
  • Indirect Rate Management

    Create rules, structures, track, adjust, and allocate indirect costs for every project, task and person.
  • Interactive Gantt Charts

    Track cost accumulation, revenue, profitability, and utilization across a matrix of people, projects, and accounts.
  • Synchronized data in a single system

    Instantly match actual utilization, performance, and cash with budgets and forecasts in one system. 
  • Flexible Work Breakdown Structures

    Accelerate work and save time with unlimited, flexible WBS with natural language naming conventions.
  • Granular budget and timeline control

    Manage budgets/dates at the project, task, and person level.
  • Reusable and customizable templates

    Save time and reduce confusion with simple templates.
  • Intelligent reporting and insights

    Easily identify variances, set up reports and alerts for utilization, budget, thresholds as well as bottlenecks.

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