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Unanet AE, powered by Clearview, is a purpose-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for project-based businesses. Unanet AE is a complete solution for architects and engineers that includes fully integrated financials in a single software package: Project Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing / Billing, Purchasing, Dashboards, and Reporting.

With all of this power in one place, Unanet AE can streamline your processes and keep your accounting and production staff on the same page.

Robust GL & project accounting

Increase your financial clarity and improve your bottom line with Unanet AE’s project-based accounting. By managing transactions, costs, and revenue in one single solution, every dollar is tied to a project and is updated in real-time, so you have visibility into your AE firm’s health on demand.

Unanet AE’s integrated feature set delivers real-time performance management of your companies, departments, projects, and employees in one application, eliminating the need to reconcile data between different disparate systems. Boost efficiencies and profit with Unanet AE.



General accounting

A general ledger for project-based businesses

  • Real-time or batch transaction entry
  • Quick adjustments with automated reversing entries
  • Transaction audit trails
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual reporting
  • Recurring journal entries to save time and keystrokes
  • Dynamic Revenue Recognition with multiple and custom methods
  • Labor Distribution for posting labor costs to your general ledger
  • Flexible account period configurations to match your fiscal calendar
  • General ledger budgeting for dashboards and reports
  • Manage bank reconciliations against your general ledger

Project accounting

Manage all project transactions

  • Flexible rate system for managing bill and job cost rates
  • Track project burdened costs (indirect charges)
  • View metrics by client, project, and project sub-level
  • See detailed direct charges by labor, expenses, and consultants
  • Show backlog, remaining budget, and variance
  • See revenue and true margin for Fixed Fee, Cost Plus, and T&M projects
  • Provide direct access to real-time data for project managers
  • Forecast revenues and direct and indirect charges
  • Improve margins through actionable information based on work in progress
  • Earned value management ensures on-budget, on-time execution

Accounts receivable

Improve collections & increase cash flow

Unanet AE helps firms automate billing and collections processes. Project managers and billing staff collaborate with an integrated online Bill Review. Adjustments are easy and invoice generation is batched and automated. Deliver invoices via email and receive payments electronically. Generate account statements and AR Aging reports.

Accounts payable

Automate accounts payable

Unanet AE helps firms automate payments to vendors and consultants. Automate approvals, reduce processing time and make payments via check or electronic fund transfers. Pay When Paid reporting enables you to determine when and how much to pay your consultants. Manage vendor information and easily process 1099s.


Purchase orders with approvals

Simplify your purchasing workflow with a comprehensive system designed to expedite the process. Created to address the specific needs of professional services firms, it supports the entry and tracking of Purchase Orders for both project-related and in-house for materials, supplies, capital items, and services.

Unanet AE purchasing also offers a flexible approval feature so that purchases can be routed based on item or project-specific approval rules. Purchase commitments can be visible to Project Managers and factored into project forecasts. Increase efficiency and reduce errors by automatically converting Purchase Orders to Purchases once complete.

  • Gain new efficiencies by streamlining the lifecycle of your Fixed Assets from acquisition through disposal
  • All too often A&E firms struggle with tracking their Fixed Assets in siloed systems that are inefficient and error prone.

  • Unanet AE’s Fixed Asset management automates how you track the value of your assets from acquisition through depreciation and disposal. With Fixed Asset Management from Unanet AE you’ll benefit from lifecycle tracking that optimizes efficiencies and improves insight to your firm’s financial health from a centralized source of truth.


Manage complex organizations with ease

Unanet AE has native support for unlimited levels of corporate hierarchy. Manage enterprises with multiple companies and run financial statement reports per entity or consolidated for your entire organization. Establish as many companies, divisions, offices, departments, studios, or profit centers as your business needs. Profit sharing can be defined at project setup and automated inter-company billing eliminates double data entry.


Painless handling of multiple currencies

Unanet AE makes it easy to manage companies and projects across multiple currencies. Every company, project, journal entry, and invoice can be specified in a currency of your choice. Exchange rates are automatically updated for painless currency conversions and evaluation. Unanet AE automates the management of multiple currencies, saving time and improving accuracy.

Reporting & analytics

Comprehensive financial statements

Unanet AE includes standard out-of-the-box financial statements and a powerful built-in Financial Statement Designer for creating reports specific to your business.

Analytic dashboards for financials

Gain insight into your business with real-time analytic dashboards. Monitor performance across your organization. Explore accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, and profitability, etc.

Unanet Pay

Unanet Pay supports both ACH and Credit Cards and allows you to receive payments faster, provides a seamless invoicing experience for your clients, and includes financial reconciliation and reporting. Fee sharing further simplifies the invoicing process for all parties and increases time-to-cash.

Invoicing & billing

Get invoices out and payments in faster and easier with Unanet AE. Handle even the most demanding client requirements with unparalleled flexibility in invoice design capabilities. Deliver and track invoice payments from a simple screen and dramatically improve your accounts receivable turnover ratio.



Invoicing & billing

The most powerful invoicing system in the AE industry

  • Incredibly flexible invoice templates and design system
  • Dynamically organize invoices with sections
  • Automatic sales journal entry with attached production transactions
  • Billing adjustments that are quick and easy
  • Typical contract types supported:  Fixed Fee, Lump Sum, T&M, NTE, Cost Plus, etc.
  • Access to a library of invoice templates on our Marketplace
  • Invoice document archive for reprint requests
  • Multiple projects on a single invoice
  • Custom logic for complex invoices
  • Milestone Billing for simple invoice automation

Online bill review

Reduce administrative effort & expedite invoicing

Billing staff can easily collect billing instructions from project managers, adjust transactions, update percent complete information and review draft invoices from the same interface. Significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare billing with key project information at your fingertips.

Benefits of Unanet Pay

Accelerate business growth 

Optimize your time-to-cash with invoicing and payment automationFaster invoicing and payment processing gives your business command over short-term cash flowcost and risk reduction, and strategic investment into the business.

Reduce risk and liability

Unanet Pay ensures seamless and secure invoicing and payments that keep your - and your client’s - sensitive information safe from fraud. Shed the liability of manual, error-prone processes and points of failure introduced by mailed paper checks.

Build your business and take the lead

Unanet Pay’s invoicing automation and online payment portal was purpose-built for your customer’s satisfaction, making it less expensive and easier to do business with you.

Take the work out of chasing payments

Automatic payment reminders allow you to set up and send reminders at a cadence you determine, which means you can tailor your customer experience with no invoice overlooked. This frees up staff to focus on priority collections efforts, increasing accounts receivable resolutions across the board.

Increase cash flow without additional cost

Unanet Pay offers customer-friendly, incentive-driven fee sharing that enables users to share merchant fees with their payers. Fee sharing further simplifies the invoicing process for all parties and increases time-to-cash.

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