Real-time tracking & budgeting

Do you have a clear view of all the details of your projects and people? Unanet ERP for GovCon is your single source of truth and aligned for your growth. Gain centralized integration and perfect clarity for total confidence in day-to-day reporting as well as forecasting and planning. Unanet software helps you realize the benefits of process automation and grow without adding overhead. Get more for your effort over time; the longer you use it, the deeper the insights.

Timesheet Software

As a government contractor, it’s vital to use a timekeeping system that identifies employees’ labor to cost objectives in order to meet mandatory compliance requirements. 

  • Unanet’s timesheet software enables collection of time to track project effort and support payroll, invoicing, and project accounting.  
  • Unanet supports all your timekeeping compliance needs from monitoring daily entry requirements to association of the correct labor categories. 
  • For contractors with Service Contract Act (SCA) requirements, Unanet will automatically apply the correct pay rate from the Wage Determination and calculate any Cash-In-Lieu amounts due to your employees for export to your payroll system.

Recognized as the best timesheet for GovCons, Unanet is proven to ease your path to compliance by supporting all these regulatory requirements and more. And now, the Unanet Mobile App provides simple and easy time entry, accessibility, and compliance, all from the palm of your hand. 


Timesheet Features

Maintain DCAA timekeeping compliance

  • Ensure auditability of time entered for government contractors or other organizations
  • Effortlessly support DCAA compliant timekeeping requirements. Download Unanet DCAA Compliance information to learn more.
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  • Configure and customize the timesheet to display just the information you need, such as location, labor category, paycode, and more
  • Capture comments and change reasons if required
  • Use multiple time periods to reflect the different needs of exempt and non-exempt employees and subcontractors. Learn more about managing subcontractor time here.
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  • Enter time easily, anywhere and anytime, with detail comments
  • Establish approvals by manager, project manager, and/or customer
  • Submit Leave Requests and route for review and approval
  • Capture Time In/Out information at the Daily or Project levels
  • Setup automatic population for holidays
  • Enforce budgets, periods of performance, or other constraints
  • Real-time visibility into project hours, status, comments, and costs
  • Reduce costs, eliminate errors, and align people to the right work
  • Efficiently locate and search for specific timesheet projects and tasks

Automate Processes

  • Enable automatic reminders with email for timesheet submittal and approval
  • Implement customized business rules on timesheet submittal
  • Facilitate approvals with email event workflow
  • Collect and summarize ETC (Estimated-To-Complete) Hours on the timesheet
  • Speed payment of salary and expenses to improve employee satisfaction
  • Produce invoices or charge-backs rapidly to increase cash flow
  • Integrate subcontractor workforce for reduced administrative effort and real-time project cost insight
  • Improve management control with matching of subcontractor labor and expense against purchase orders
  • Tailor the system to your business processes


  • Provide self-service for many reports
  • Check status of timesheet reports and remind managers to approve
  • Integrated comparison of actuals with budgets and plans with variances
  • Drive business decisions with actionable insights – analytics, dashboards, and reporting

Expense software

Like timekeeping, accurate expense reporting is critical for GovCon contractors to maintain compliance and stay on budget. To avoid errors, employees must have a way to easily input and support expenses in real-time, from any device.

  • Unanet software allows users to access simple, expense reports anytime, anywhere, from a browser or a mobile device
  • To ensure compliance, wizards automate policy enforcement (i.e., dollar limits and IRS rules) and reimbursement (i.e., mileage or Per Diems by location).
  • Scheduled emails remind employees to submit or approve expenses, reducing administrative burden.
  • Email notifications keep employees and supervisors advised of the status of expense reports in real time.
  • When a change is made to a line-item that is subject to approval by a project manager, only the changed line or lines need to be re-approved, not the entire expense report.

Unanet is proven to drastically streamline the expense report approval and Q/A process, ultimately reducing internal accounting and project management resource consumption. Now, thanks to the Unanet Mobile App, users can enter expenses from the palm of their hand.


Expense Features


  • Enter expense reports easily with detail comments
  • Wizards automate accurate expense entry, including Per Diems by location
  • Enter one expense report for multiple projects
  • See travel and ODC costs integrated with project labor reports in real time
  • Gain compliance confidence with Service Contract Act support for Wage Determination enforcement and Cash-in-Lieu calculations

Ease of use

  • Import credit card transactions and report on transactions that have not been included on an expense report
  • Set up expense types with appropriate GL codes
  • Provide self-service for status on expense reports
  • Attach receipts electronically, which can be viewed through approval process
  • Enter expense report information right the first time
  • Import ODCs (Other Direct Costs) for complete cost accounting
  • Improve morale with responsive reimbursement
  • Integrate travel and ODC charges with labor costs
  • Increase invoice approval speed and decrease the time to collect cash

Support your business processes

  • Establish approvals by manager, project manager, and/or customer
  • Facilitate approvals with email event workflow
  • Enter VAT and GST if required
  • Check status of expense reports and remind managers to approve
  • Mark up expenses, if required, using company or project rates
  • Improve compliance and data quality
  • Reduce expense reporting costs by 90%
  • Avoid unauthorized expenditures
  • Ensure correct per diem expense; support DCAA expense guidelines. Download Unanet DCAA Compliance information
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  • Control advances to ensure correct payments

Unanet Mobile App

The Unanet Mobile App provides you with easy time and expense entry on the go, even when offline. As part of our continuous update and innovation process, users can input and track time, add and manage expense reports, receive push notifications, add comments, attach and scan receipt images with intelligent data capture, and more.

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Mobile Features


  • Input and track time on the go (even when offline)
  • Add comments at the cell or sheet level
  • Set push notification reminders
  • Follow the same rules as your browser-based timesheet
  • Sync changes to Unanet in real-time
  • Utilize device-based biometric ID functionality for easy and secure authentication
  • Review and approve timesheets from your subordinates
  • Review and approve leave requests from your subordinates 


  • Create, edit, and submit expense reports anytime, anywhere (even when offline)
  • Sync offline entries automatically when reconnected to the database
  • Attach receipt images to expense reports at the line or report level
  • Push notifications and reminders to users’ mobile devices
  • Add comments to expense items
  • Approve subordinates’ expense reports
  • Automatically look up allowable costs and compute any unallowable costs with the MI&E Wizard
  • Set project and expense type defaults to reduce recurring looking and entry

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