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Track time & expense

Efficiently manage all time and expense activities at any scale

Our industry-leading mobile app makes it easy for employees, subcontractors, and managers to easily capture and approve expenses and timesheets. Modern finance and accounting tools help automate cost allocation, tracking, and invoicing to ensure compliance. Unanet makes this critical part of your business a breeze. 

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Streamline your T&E process

with modern, mobile-ready tools that everyone will use.

  • Reduce expense reporting costs by 50%

    With faster collection, approval, and a mobile app that lets everyone tag, submit receipts, and assign to projects, expense reporting is extremely simple. 

  • Streamlined accounting

    Our system can capture time and expenses at the project, task, or person level in a variety of ways built to suite your needs. 

  • Customize without sacrificing compliance

    Configure rules to allow employees to only enter approved work types and projects within limits. Allow managers to enforce budgets, conduct easy floor checks, and do it all with an architecture built around DCAA compliance. 

  • Real time visibility

    Unanet’s unique, project-based architecture enables forced matching of costs and time information from task to contract – and it is updated instantly across the entire system. 


Key things you can do with Unanet

Streamline processes and give your people the modern, mobile tools they expect with time and expense features built for GovCon that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Manage any contract from anywhere

    Real time data, flexible rules, and user experience built for you.
  • Contract Brief reporting and exports

    Out of the box reporting template saves time
  • Document Storage

    Access all relevant documents easily via attachments and storage in Unanet
  • Audit trail

    Reduce risk with an audit trail of all modifications
  • Real-time data

    Contract and project managers share the latest data
  • Robust reporting and analytics

    Visibility of overall contractual value, funding, and expenditures for the entire organization.
  • Clause assignment

    Easily assign various government contract clauses to contracts and objects under contracts to automatically set rules for expenses, time, and accounting.

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Do Great Things for Your People

Integrate your best-in-class HR solution to streamline the entire employee lifecycle from employee onboarding to benefit accrual, time off approvals, and employee separation so you can spend more time building your world-class organization.


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