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Manage Resources

Optimize your bench today and plan for tomorrow with Unanet

Give project teams easy-to-use tools to optimize schedules, balance workloads, and forecast resourcing needs so that you can maximize your bench strength across all projects.

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Be one productive team

Give your people a unified solution that spans your firm
 regardless of generation, location or work style.

  • Make the most of your bench

    with visual, intuitive tools so you can maximize utilization and billable hours while avoiding burnout and forecast future needs

  • Achieve predictable project outcomes

    with user-friendly resource planning tools that remove the frustration of using multiple spreadsheets and error-prone systems.

  • Build a cohesive culture

    with modern tools that are easy for everyone to use, bridge generational gaps, and help drive a culture of collaboration

  • Minimize the risk of delays and overruns

    with powerful reports, dashboards and proactive notifications that help you stay agile and take corrective action before issues impact your projects.


Key things you can do with Unanet

Make the most of your bench and minimize the risk of delays and overruns with resource management features built for AE firms that enable your team to do these things and more.

  • Manage resource allocations and schedules

    with intuitive planning tools, leading indicators, and reusable templates.
  • Balance resource loads

    with project requirements efficiently using a visual, interactive scheduler with employee and project views.
  • Monitor resource performance

    with real-time, interactive dashboards, indicators, and notifications.
  • Forecast resource needs and capacity clearly

    with future-facing views of employee allocations and schedules.
  • Manage employee data and rates

    with intuitive forms that capture key information related to employee demographics, licensure & certifications, job 
Analytics & Reporting

Key things you can see with Unanet

Keep your resources balanced and utilized on the right projects with pre-built, interactive dashboards and reports based on trusted real-time data.

  • Utilization

  • Resource capacity forecasts

  • Labor budgets by FTE

  • Scheduled vs. actuals

  • Net revenue per staff


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