Unanet for Construction

Improved data access, communications, and workflows are key to operating more efficiently and enabling employees to focus on the tasks that lead to more projects and greater revenue.

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Make better decisions that drive predictable revenue with insights into key contacts, relationships, project pipeline and past project history.

Modernize your firm’s growth

Unanet CRM by Cosential is a project-based CRM purposely designed to help Construction firms drive project success, foster collaboration, and accelerate strategic growth with visually interactive insights, creatively streamlined workflows and a modern, innovative platform.

Current State of the Industry

The construction industry is in growth mode with an increasing demand for the built world to create and support a growing population. There’s a lot of work to pursue and the persistent need to transfer decades worth of institutional knowledge to up and coming leaders within firms— at scale. Technology is the growth enabler to future-proof the new age of AEC.


Industry Challenges

Construction Firms are going through a digital modernization, but it’s happening in silos. Tools that lack uniformity across the project lifecycle leave many key drivers of growth – Business Developers, Seller-Doers, and Marketing teams – invested in pursuing, nurturing, and winning projects without a single source of truth to collaborate in. Over-investment in tools not truly meant for these roles’ unique project pursuit needs tend to pave a clear path to fragmented reporting, spreadsheets, phone trees and ultimately failed user adoption. High impact work doesn’t happen in silos, and neither does scalability.

Lack of visibility

Disparate systems

Process inefficiencies

Failed user adoption

The Unanet Difference

Unanet delivers purpose-built solutions that empower your organization to simplify insights, automate workflows, foster collaboration, and drive project success.

  • Be more competitive with award-winning proposals

  • Make informed, strategic decisions

  • Gain a holistic view of the health of your business

  • Manage pursuits and pipeline from your email or phone

  • Strategize how you capture new work

  • Trust in a CRM partner dedicated to your success

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