A secure and automated solution 

For Accounts Recievables


  • Increase Cash Flow

    Collect on payments faster

  • Reduce Risk

    Secure transactions 

  • Seamless Payment Experience

    Point and click electronic payments

  • Dynamic Payment Options

    Control how you're paid


Key features of AR Automation

Eliminate manual and risky AR processes that bog down your employees and your cash flow. With Unanet AR Automation for GovCons your firm will be able to collect like never before. 

  • Electronic Payments

    Get paid faster by enabling easy, secure, and compliant ACH and credit card payments
  • Streamlined Invoice Delivery

    Automate the sending of invoices and follow up communication 

  • Custom Payment Options

    Customize electronic payment options on multiple dimension and chose to pass along fees to your customer

  • Auto-Reconcile

    Invoices are automatically closed out when payment is made through payer portal


82% of CFO's experienced a reduction in fraud, errors, and disputes after adopting automation for AR

Benefits our customers have experienced

  • $50,000 increase in monthly cash receipts

  • Increased cash flow by 20%

  • Drop in DSO by 66%

  • Thousands saved in monthly overhead

Engagement Analytics

Collecting on your invoices can sometimes be a game of cat and mouse, but with Unanets AR Automation you'll know exactly when your clients have received and opened your invoice with detailed email analytics.  


Secure Payer Portal 

From Unanets payer portal your customers can review and pay current invoices, access past invoices, and securely store payment methods for future use. 

End to End Automation for Accounts Receivables

A native GovCon ERP solution that provides robust automation and visibility to ensure your firm commercial cash-flow is healthy 

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