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CRM for Govcon

The all-in-one solution to win more contracts 

In Government Contracting, winning more means taking the best information from your team, your research, and your ERP and combining it into differentiated proposals efficiently. Unanet offers the only comprehensive, purpose-built solution with comprehensive capabilities to accelerate growth in government contracting. 

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Finding new business 

Market intel AND relationship management  

Growth is all about sifting through millions of open contracts and managing complex relationships with existing customers, partners, and agencies. Only Unanet is purpose built to handle this complex environment by providing insightful information at everyone’s fingertips.  

Capture Management 

Make better decisions, faster 

Leverage accurate, real-time data from across your organization to make informed decisions about which contracts to pursue without wasting time – and money – on low probability efforts. Custom Go/No-Go forms and workflows ensure you maximize resources for bid and proposals while keeping everyone on the same page. 

Planning and forecasting 

Manage pipeline efficiently 

Custom dashboards and industry-specific report templates that enable you to click through, edit, and arrange on the fly make it easy for you to plan in minutes rather than days. Track new leads from key accounts and manage backlog so that you can provide clear capture plans and resource accordingly. 

Proposal creation 

Submit winning proposals 

Unified project and personnel documents combined with easy collaboration tools speed up data collection and proposal generation. Automatically generate the right files to submit, and then easily revise with your team – no matter where they are. 

Key Features

  • GovTribe and Market Intel

    Single click integrations to best-in-class market research and intelligence solutions. 

  • Purpose-built

    Unanet CRM is project-based and purpose-built for the GovCon  industry with built-in configurable options and custom fields to meet the unique needs of our industry.  
  • Document Repository

    Our cloud-based architecture and shared, real-time database makes it easy for all the latest information to be available for everyone. Collect, edit, share, and compile proposals from the latest and greatest content.  

  • Simple Integrations

    Gather the best data in your Market Intel tool of choice and add to your CRM in one click.. Connect easily to your ERP to combine project performance data insights with your current pipeline and make better decisions to protect your margin.  
  • Interactive Dashboards

    Easily manage your pipeline and plan accurately for future growth and hiring via real-time, flexible, and interactive dashboards. 
  • Customizable forms and approval workflows

    Tailor Go/No-go forms and approval gates to match the Shipley Method or your own version of the decision making and capture process.  
  • Proposal and Pricing Automation

    Gather documents, blurbs, resumes, and performance reports easily to assemble better proposals faster. 

  • Single source of truth

    For all marketing, operations, and business development data. 
  • Compliant and Secure

    Keep all of your operations compliant and your data secure in our platform built for government contractors.


AI built to make growing in GovCon easier

We believe in the transformative power of AI to help you grow your business. Our mission has always been to use intuitive and people-centered AI for predictive insights and prescriptive actions that drive profitability and growth.

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