Manage subcontractors in one place

Prime contractors struggle with extensive manual process, changing, requirements, and disconnected legacy systems. Each of these challenges eats up valuable time and exposes a prime contractor to regulatory risk.

The Unanet Subcontractor Portal – an enhancement of our Financials solution – simplifies the subcontractor management process from onboarding to invoicing, empowering subcontractors to interact directly with the system to eliminate manual processes and duplicate work. This unified approach strengthens the relationship between prime and subcontractors while giving your team more time to focus on project execution, profitability, and growth.


Self-service onboarding

  • Empower subcontractors to register employees and submit documentation directly within the portal 
  • Assign subcontractors to a PO/Project/Labor Category/Rate
  • Reduce the work of back-office employees 

Automated reporting

  • Seamlessly flow subcontractor inputs into key reports (Ex. EVM IPMRs, NASA 533)
  • Drill-down to the transaction line item
  • Access metrics for up to three definable period ranges 

Compliance confidence

  • Experience a purpose-built system designed specifically with GovCon in mind
  • Ensure compliance with relevant DCAA, DCMA, and CMMC regulations 
  • Improve data accuracy to reduce risk 

Streamlined accounting

  • Avoid manual processes, journal entries, and lengthy reconciliations by automating the flow of information
  • Enter, adjust, and approve time and expense entry in a dedicated portal based on PO assignments
  • Automatically transfer time and expense data to your back-office ERP
  • Import time and expense information from multiple systems
  • Access SubK actuals in real-time, eliminating the need for estimated accruals
  • Shorten the cash cycle by 4-6 weeks and decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) with quicker and more accurate invoicing

Real-time visibility

  • Eliminate end-of-month surprises by establishing fund and hour control from PO 
  • Gain 360 insight into utilization, resources, funding, cash, revenue, and profits
  • Turn information into actionable insights to nurture business growth and drive better decision-making

Optimized user experience

  • Enhance SubK relationships by getting subcontractors paid faster
  • Provide employees with a best-in-class mobile time and expense experience 
  • Foster collaboration and communication with integrations across systems and co-branding capabilities

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