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Clarity, control, and compliance for government contractors

Unanet is a single solution to easily plan, track, and manage projects to the strictest compliance standards. Scale your business with modern software and services to automate tasks, align people, and deliver clear insights. 

Software overview

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30+ years of partnership and success

We’re more than software. Over 2000 customers of all sizes achieve greater productivity, growth, and insight today.


For GovCon, by GovCon, putting compliance first

We’re GovCon professionals who wanted better software, so we built it. Unanet is the only integrated ERP solution built from the ground up to serve you. DCAA compliance is foundational, making audits easy.


Connect and empower people with intuitive, flexible software

Improve productivity with easy-to-use software, customizable alerts, and flexible rules to automate tasks while meeting all audit goals and ensuring data accuracy.


Clear and timely insights from a single source of truth

Accurately track and forecast utilization, finances, and resources across projects, tasks, and multiple legal entities within your company with customizable dashboards and reports.


Key things you can do with Unanet


  • Project Management

    Plan, track, and manage all of your projects in real time. Configurable to meet your business needs without sacrificing any compliance or efficiency.
  • Contract Management

    Create, manage, and track contracts in one modern tool that lets you reduce costs, eliminate errors, and automate reporting.
  • SubK Management

    Improve your relationships and profitability with clear, unified data and automated tracking, processing, and payment in a single system made for subcontractors.
  • Track Time & Expense

    Automatically gather, track, approve, and allocate project time. Stay connected and up to date with our mobile app for expenses and time capture.

  • Analytics

    Gain clear insights across your business with a single source of truth, interactive charts, customizable dashboards, and more to help make better decisions.

  • Forecast & Plan Resources

    Build better proposals, plans, and identify skill gaps and resource bottlenecks in time to do something about it.

  • Financials

    Increase your financial clarity and confidence by managing all your transactions, costs, and revenue in one single solution. 

  • DCAA Compliance

    Meeting stringent standards for everything from timekeeping to security, incurred cost, and more, Unanet has everything you need to win, manage, and pass audits. 

Add ons

Expand Unanet's integrated platform

  • Analytics Studio

    Add Analytics Studio enhancements to drill deeper into data and interact dynamically in feature rich expert level dashboards and customize them to meet your unique business.
  • AR Automation

    AR Automation is the only ERP native solution for Government Contractors that automated end-to-end billing and collections processes.
  • Inventory and Project Manufacturing

    For government contractors seeking to automate and modernize operations for inventory management, project manufacturing, and asset tracking.

AI-powered and purpose-built for GovCon 

We believe in the transformative power of AI for automation and efficiency. Our mission has always been to use intuitive and people-centered AI for predictive insights and prescriptive actions that drive profitability and growth in your company. Unanet empowers your project and finance teams with today's AI as we shape tomorrow's together.


Your Business: Connected

Facilitate the rapid, seamless automation of your data integration with external systems by leveraging the Unanet Integration Manager. From Payroll/HRIS systems to credit cards and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, the Integration Manager provides the flexibility you need to easily import your existing data without manual interventions.

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