Payroll confidence with trusted partner integrations

Payroll from Unanet A/E integrates trusted payroll partners to provide your A/E firm with the confidence and peace of mind to know your staff gets paid on time, accurately, and securely.

  • Integrate with trusted payroll partners
  • Streamline payroll processing and bi-directional sync of employee information


Streamline systems

Eliminate the time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone process of maintaining employee information in two systems.

Time savings

Decrease implementation time-to-value, utilize the power of automated payroll workflows, and reduce costly HR hours spent reconciling disparate systems.

  • Simplify time-consuming manual processes and run payroll that simply works.
  • Eliminate file versioning issues and homegrown systems
  • Reduce employee onboarding and management efforts
  • Do more of the important work you need to do

Data sync

Unanet AE customers benefit from robust integrations that maintain data integrity at all times and seamlessly transfer data bi-directionally (360º) freeing you and your staff to do more of the important work you need to do.

Confidence & peace of mind

Securely and confidently run payroll with seamless integration to full-service payroll partners, giving you peace of mind and providing your staff with a best-in-class payroll experience.

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