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About Unanet

Unanet is a leading provider of ERP solutions purpose-built for Government Contractors, A/E, and Professional Services. More than 2,000 project-driven organizations depend on Unanet to turn their information into actionable insights, drive better decision-making, and nurture business growth.

Unanet has the proven leadership, innovative technology, and domain expertise to address the demands of today’s project-driven organizations. Unanet customers include government contractors, architects and engineers, professional services firms, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, advanced technology companies, consulting organizations, professional staffing companies, system integrators, software vendors, government, internal IT and services organizations, and biotech companies.

When you leverage the Unanet one database solution, you experience the promise of “where information means insight.” Eliminate unproductive time reconciling data so that you can focus on what matters: improving how you manage projects, customers, opportunities, people, knowledge, and processes to maximize your organization’s potential. By automating basic business processes, you can better manage your business, anywhere and anytime.


Where Information Means Insight. Join Unanet and your fellow CFOs, CEOs, and Controllers for an upcoming event. Network with your peers, interact with Unanet experts, gain crucial industry insights, and enjoy a drink or lunch on us.

Events are for customers or organizations evaluating Unanet.


See yourself at Unanet. While our mission is to create innovative ERP solutions, it all starts with our people. Our relaxed business casual environment fosters cooperation and creativity, while competitive salaries and benefits promote a healthy work-life balance.


We’re proud to serve over 2,000 clients, including organizations like General Dynamics, Leidos, Pfizer, and Stanford University, as well as many fast-growing organizations that you have yet to hear about!


“Unanet empowers our Employees, and our Employees empower our Customers! Since our founding, Unanet has employed the concept of Servant Leadership to facilitate our Employees delivering upon our Customers’ desired outcomes. With decades of combined years of experience in the Cloud ERP/PSA/CRM software industry, Unanet’s Leadership Team brings unique and complementary skills that retain and enhance our company culture, augment the software to meet customer requirements, and deliver long-term success.”

Fran Craig, Founder


Craig Halliday

Greg Guelcher
Chief Financial Officer

Carrie Mahon
Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Crowder
Regional Vice President

Tom York
Regional Vice President

Steve Syrett
Senior Vice President of Product Development

Alex Griffis
Head of Product Management 

Assad Jarrahian
Chief Product Officer

Kevin Singh
Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations

Matt Pantana
Senior Vice President of A/E Product

Stephen Bittner
Vice President of Enterprise Accounts

Stephen Vicheck
Chief Technology Officer

Rina Alberstein
Principal Product Manager

Donna Gandt
Regional Vice President


Jeff Davison
Chief Customer Officer

Stacy Critzer
Chief Human Resources Officer

Gene Gainey
Chief Sales Officer

Amy Allen
Vice President of Customer Success and Solutions

Angela Wilson
Vice President of Consulting Services

Jason Bivens
Vice President of A/E Services

Steve McTavish
Senior Vice President of A/E Sales



Craig Halliday

Fran Craig

Kevin Boyce
CEO, Higher Logic


Chris Craig
Software Investor

Dave Greenberg
General Partner, JMI Equity



Krishna Potarazu
Partner, JMI Equity

Donna Morea
Chair of the Board of Directors at SAIC