Unanet helps organizations of all sizes better manage project and services work. Using anytime and anywhere 100% Web-based Unanet workforce optimization tools, Unanet customers increase corporate value including numbers of customers, revenues, and profits. Available in the Cloud or On Premise, Unanet delivers a Project ERP solution, purpose-built for professional services organizations.

With over 2,000 customers, Unanet has the proven leadership, innovative technology, and domain expertise to address the demands of today's business environment. Unanet's customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, advanced technology companies, consulting organizations, professional staffing organizations, system integrators, software vendors, government contractors, government, internal IT and services organizations and biotech companies. See: Customer Quotes. With ten years in production, Unanet is the pioneer in 100% Web-based software for the advanced technology services market.

Unanet provides end-to-end services automation for organizations seeking to improve profitability. Unanet web-based software for managing people and projects employs one database, one look and feel, and one connected set of applications. The “Una” in Unanet is for that one database, one look and feel and one connected set of applications. 

Using the Unanet one database solution, you manage customers, opportunities, projects, people, knowledge and processes to maximize your organization’s potential. By automating basic business processes, you can better manage your business, anywhere and anytime, using the ability to:

  • Budget, evaluate, initiate and manage opportunities/projects
  • Assign the best people at the right time
  • Collect and analyze timesheet and expense report data
  • Bill your customers faster
  • Send employee reimbursement and pay data expeditiously
  • Provide collaborative tools and knowledge to your employees
  • Mine the intelligence contained in one database

The benefits you achieve will be to:

  • Control the business of your organization with real time visibility
  • Strengthen customer, vendor and partner relationships
  • Boost employee productivity and well-being
  • Minimize costs due to streamlined processes and up-front quality
  • Improve project results and revenues
  • Maximize revenues by speeding up the work
  • Reduce implementation and on-going technology costs
  • Drive reductions in G&A costs.


Mission Statement: Create innovative ERP software with the highest quality, simplicity, and efficiency!

Vision Statement: Gain the largest market share of ERP software for professional services organizations!


  • We collaborate to achieve our mission and vision!
  • We respect and enjoy each other, our customers, partners, and all our stakeholders!
  • We execute with integrity, responsiveness, accountability and positivity!
  • We set, communicate, achieve, and celebrate individual and company successes!
  • We empower employees to own and promote the Unanet brand!

Over time, this approach will allow Unanet to become the market leader in providing end-to-end enterprise-wide software products across all services industries.