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Unanet A/E, powered by Clearview, is a robust system for business operations but it also has a powerful API management layer that allows you to knit together formerly disparate parts of your business to gain incredible efficiencies across your organization. You can automate workflows between applications, interact with other essential business tools and use Unanet A/E as the hub for sending and receiving data. In addition to the standard integrations that we have developed, Unanet A/E allows you to create your own custom endpoints and interact with any accessible API. These capabilities make Unanet A/E a true organizational nervous system for planning, guiding, assessing, and maintaining the success of your business.

Some of our current integrations:


While the venerable Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE) were busy building vital structures for their clients, their own business foundation was crumbling. Running an antiquated ERP solution that had been acquired by Deltek and no longer supported, they had to manually enter timesheets and handle improper coding, resulting in hundreds of lost hours each year.

In terms of features for a new system, MRCE Director of Finance and Administration Joseph Courtade was focused on project management. “The biggest thing was allowing project managers to know and track how much money they’re spending on projects.” Cost was also a consideration, and “Clearview was clearly the better value,” says Courtade. Ultimately, their implementation modernized their outdated and time consuming systems, saving hundreds of man-hours per year, enabled the firm’s finance and accounting department to “do more with less”, and improved cash flow with improved billing speed and enabling a robust accounts receivable process.


The Unanet A/E Engine: a Modern, Flexible ERP