What can AI do for your architecture or engineering (AE) firm? 

Leveraging descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive AI to enable long-term, repeatable success in the AE industry 

AI helps architecture or engineering (AE) firms get the most value out of their historical data and forecasting to look back and forward. Here’s how AI can empower AE firms with smarter uses of their data and analytics.  


Unanet’s vision for AI: Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive 

Looking toward the future, our vision for AI focuses on three key areas

  • Descriptive

    We leverage AI to interpret what has happened in the past. This includes generating detailed reports and widgets.

  • Predictive

    Unanet AI draws upon historical data to forecast future possibilities such as identifying the best clients or projects to pursue or predicting the risk of project overruns.

  • Perscriptive

    The third aspect of our AI vision revolves around proactive measures. Unanet AI helps answer "What do I do next?" by providing guided actions like moving or hiring resources and negotiating change orders.



FAQs about AI in Architecture and Engineering

AI integrations can give AE firm’s a significant competitive edge.  

Predictive modeling, automated AR collection reminders, AI-driven payment posting and reconciliation, automatic resource scheduling, and AI-infused timesheets are just the start.  

Our cutting-edge technology uses AI-enhanced OCR for automatically creating expense entries using your mobile device - an innovation that promises huge time-saving benefits.  

AE firms need quality data available to them to be ready for AI. The data an AE firm produces can be converted into invaluable AI-driven forecast modeling with Unanet. With our descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive AI models, you can transform your data into actionable insights.  

Move from reactive management to proactive strategy to understand which clients and projects to pursue, get insight into project performance, and address potential project overruns.  

Rather than replacing human roles, AI is designed to empower them. AI creates automation and predictions, which allows AE personnel to focus on more strategic tasks, driving growth and efficiency.  

AI isn’t meant to replace, but to bolster and supplement. It’s a tool meant to make work easier and more efficient.  

Adopting AI is easier than one might think. With Unanet's AI-driven project planning, automated, intelligent capacity tracking, intelligent data stewardship, and prescriptive data controls, starting with AI means starting with Unanet.  

AE firms with Unanet already have the quality data they’ll need to get started with AI. 


What we do today 

Today, we offer a range of AI-enhanced and smart technology tools specially built for your AE firm that include predictive modeling, financial automation, smart scheduling and timesheets, and mobile receipt capture. 

  • Predictive modeling drives our pre-built, interactive dashboards so you can forecast revenue across your projects.  

  • Financial automation streamlines AR with automatic collection reminders and AI-driven payment posting and reconciliation.

  • Smart planning builds project budgets and schedules for you using top-down and bottom-up methodologies.

  • Smart timesheets use location-aware time entry and triangulated job cost and bill rates to ensure simple, accurate time.

  • Contact detection leverages machine learning to identify and extract contact details from Outlook emails, updating Unanet CRM instantly without having to switch applications.


What we're imagining for tomorrow 

As we step into the future, we envision a more integrated and streamlined experience for AE firms. We aim to develop unified ERP and CRM solutions that are purpose-built for AE firms.  

In the future, we aim to assist in finding and winning the right work for your firm by predicting relevant project history and prescribing data cleanup of duplicate records and missing data through AI. We envision a future where AI will assist in generating past project experience value propositions and prescribing pre-reads before meetings and calls. 

We believe AI is more than just a tool – it's the key to unlocking your AE firm's potential and driving it towards a future of increased profitability and growth.