Craig Halliday in Enterprise Times: “A conversation with Unanet”

Craig Halliday in Enterprise Times: “A conversation with Unanet”

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Enterprise Times sat down with Unanet CEO Craig Halliday to talk about the facts, figures, and future of Unanet, and of course, no interview would be complete without a good business book recommendation.

Can you tell me a bit about Unanet?

“We’re running pretty well. We have over 3,100 customers. We’ve added over 500 customers in the last year. In the last couple of years, we’ve bought two companies and integrated them fully. We’re 330 employees, we have three offices in the US, and we’re growing at roughly 30% per annum. We’re feeling pretty good about where we’re at.”

What have you achieved this year?

“This last year, 500 plus new customers is the main achievement. Plus, we’ve purchased, integrated, and offered a CRM solution for all our AEC customers. We’ve also just launched GovCon CRM at our champions conference last week.”

Unanet recently added CRM to its product portfolio, is there another application that Unanet is looking to add after CRM?

“There are various things that we’re looking at. We have a fairly broad set of companies that we look at and a fairly defined process that we go through in looking at them. We will look to continue to add things that our customers want.”

Unanet has focused mainly on the US market with both GovCon and AEC. What are the ambitions outside of North America?

Halliday revealed that it is looking to push AEC, though he also said that some GovCon related things outside of the US are interesting.

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