After Rigorous Testing, Draper Selects Unanet GovCon ERP and CRM

Unanet will automate operations, create efficiencies and manage compliance as part of the company’s vision for the future

Dulles, VA, Oct. 16, 2023 – Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for government contractors (GovCons), today announced that Draper has selected Unanet’s GovCon ERP and CRM to provide the company with the modern business tools it needs to achieve its Draper NXT vision of innovation and growth for the next decade.

Draper is a 50-year-old engineering innovation company based in Cambridge, Mass., with nine campuses nationwide. Draper develops space, biotechnology, strategic and electronic systems supporting national security. The company works with commercial, government and academic partners to develop technologies and capabilities to solve the nation's challenging problems and protect democracy.

As the company anticipates doubling headcount and revenue in the next decade, it realized that its legacy, on-premise software was not modern or agile enough to support Draper’s next chapter of innovation. Draper’s employees were spending large amounts of time manually transferring and aggregating data from different systems.

“A key component to achieving our Draper NXT vision of innovation within our 40 labs is being able to equip our people, who are dispersed across the country, to perform the critical work they do with the right tools and training that don’t drag them down with manual processes,” said Marjorie Quant, chief operating officer at Draper.

“In our business environment, change happens fairly rapidly, and we must adapt quickly to develop innovative, mission-critical solutions for our customers,” said Vanessa Bryan, principal director of corporate operations at Draper. “We needed the right modern business tools to adapt to these changes and seamlessly operate with our distributed workforce.”

After conducting an extensive search for ERP platforms, Draper’s stakeholders, known for their expertise in research and testing, put Unanet and other software solutions through rigorous tests based on business use cases faced regularly by leadership and employees and rated them on a variety of factors such as ease of use and technical competency. As a government and commercial contractor, Draper looked for solutions that provided anytime, anywhere access to information, and controls to enhance cybersecurity, information protection and security standards. Draper ultimately chose Unanet’s purpose-built solution based on its ability to provide real-time data access to all operations in an intuitive dashboard, helping drive forecasting, manage operations and guide strategic business decisions.

“Unanet will be the nucleus of our business ecosystem that will help us automate, integrate and consolidate data into one intuitive dashboard. This will help us achieve efficiencies, consistency and compliance within our company from contract awards to contract closeouts and everything that happens in between,” added Bryan.

Like Draper, approximately 70% of GovCons reported experiencing growth last year, according to Unanet’s most recent GAUGE Report, a widely referenced benchmarking analysis that highlights trends, best practices and business challenges for GovCons. Managing growth and resources are important reasons more GovCons are embracing Unanet. Its solutions offer resource management and forecasting insights that can enhance operational efficiency, facilitate informed decision-making and drive the achievement of strategic goals.

Today, more than 2,000 GovCons have selected Unanet ERP GovCon and Unanet CRM because the solutions have the right mix of functionality and accessibility while also offering the ability to scale and grow seamlessly. To learn more about Unanet solutions for GovCon, please visit

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