Unanet Releases New Analytics Capabilities for Government Contractors

Unanet Releases New Analytics Capabilities for Government Contractors

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Dulles, VA, July 23, 2020 – Unanet, the leading SaaS project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, today released several new best-in-class features for its award-winning software, which are designed to help government contractors (GovCons) unlock their data for meaningful business insight and significantly improve the efficiency of their operations.

The new features are Analytics+, Analytics Studio and Automated Invoice Attachments.

  • Analytics+ is an industry-leading new capability that provides GovCons with an array of dashboard and reporting functionality. The new analysis and reporting capabilities build upon the software’s real-time data visualization features that enable GovCons to aggregate data from multiple sources across finance, accounting, and project management for automatically generated reports, including statements of cash flow. Unanet Analytics+ is a value-laden feature that is included in customers’ cloud subscription.
  • Analytics Studio is a new add-on capability, allowing GovCons that require advanced analytics and custom reporting to further mine their data for real-time insight. Analytics Studio offers customers a deeper level of analysis and drill-down capabilities so they can interact dynamically with their data. Feature-rich, expert-level dashboards, including C-Suite dashboards, are embedded in Analytics Studio, and customers can further customize them for their unique business needs. This advanced feature offers additional functions, including crosstab reports and dynamic auto-filling report templates (Pixel Perfect) reporting.
  • Automated Invoice Attachments allows finance teams to shorten time to cash by automatically generating required or supporting documents for invoices quickly and easily, using several common attachment formats.

“Government contractors are facing challenges – from increasing competition to compliance and audits, to cybersecurity,” said Craig Halliday, CEO of Unanet. “From the C-suite to the project management level, finance to operations, our new analytics capabilities allow for better decision-making across virtually every function. Having the ability to report, analyze, and visualize data all in one ERP enhances GovCons’ understanding of their business and gives them the ability to make confident decisions.”

“These five years with Unanet have been a great partnership and we look forward to implementing some of their new features that will continue to drive efficiency into our organization including Unanet Purchasing and Analytics,“ said Bob Deegan, Chief Financial Officer, Array Information Technology, a leading IT products and services firm. “We see Unanet as a core enabler supporting our anticipated growth over the next 5 years.”

Analytics+ helps teams discover trends for business drivers, including resource allocation, revenue, costs, cash flow, and timing. This powerful tool offers role-based and permission-based reports and dashboards, so team members can easily communicate to their stakeholders with the precise and relevant information they need to do their jobs, including the metrics that matter to them. Unlike competitive products, Analytics+ is integrated into Unanet as a seamless solution with extraordinary value.

“In today’s highly fluid, dynamic business world, real-time information is more critical than ever,” continued Halliday. “Our new analytics capabilities, built upon our real-time data insight engine, are a game-changer for GovCons who can’t wait around for next week to make a decision.”

Unanet plans to roll out additional capabilities throughout 2020.

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