Budgeting & Forecasting


  • Streamline project reporting by offering managers insight into true margin.
  • Provide capability for planners and project managers to budget using indirect rates.
  • Expedite real-time information and decision-making.
  • Forecast direct, indirect charges and revenues.
  • Integrate Budgeting and Forecasting data with workforce assignment and actuals labor and expenses
  • Achieve effective resource utilization and improved service levels, with lower overhead
  • Understand capacity, revenue, cost and work schedules.
  • Identify and load level overbooked resources


Supporting The Way You Need to Work

  • Create opportunities and projects with flexible business rules.
  • Constrain budgets/dates at the project, task and person level.
  • Plan periodically, using calendar or your own fiscal definitions.


Powerful Project Budgeting and Costing

  • Provide rate flexibility and date effective values - person, labor category, or any project or task level rate override.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities including graphical dashboards, summary, detailed and periodic reporting using custom accounting calendars.
  • Calculate fully burdened project costs with a suite of reports showing direct and indirect costs associated with a project, using target, provisional or actual rates.
  • Report by customer, project or task level.


Plan Future Work

  • Plan people or people types for projects based upon availability and skills.
  • Plan or assign people for multiple periods for a project, or multiple projects, in a powerful grid format, similar to a spreadsheet.
  • Show direct costs, indirect charges (e.g. Fringe, Overhead, G&A, etc.), hours, average labor rate, revenue and margin on a single report.
  • See detailed direct charges by labor and ODC cost element.