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Vendor Invoice Automation

Intelligent invoice processing 

For greater financial control and more efficient accounting processes

Unanet’s Vendor Invoice Automation is native to our ERP solution – it was built by and supported by Unanet as a key workflow automation tool for ERP customers. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to process AP invoices and control payment workflows to increase productivity, establish greater financial control, and ensure healthy vendor relationships.   

Software overview

Key benefits of Vendor Invoice Automation

Improve operational efficiency

  • Optimize working capital
  • Spend less time manually entering invoices
  • Reduce need for accounting support

Greater Financial Control

  • Less risk of input errors and duplicate entries
  • More effectively realize favorable payment terms
  • Ensure audit ready AP accounting

Improved Vendor Relationships

  • Maximize early pay discounts
  • Reduce frequency of late payments
  • Automatically match invoice to purchase order

Introducing a modern approach to Accounts Payables 

Managing accounts payable used to mean countless hours of manually inputting invoices, searching for matching purchase orders, and double-checking whether an invoice had been paid. This process is not only error-prone and time-consuming, but it also puts a strain on the relationship with your vendors. This lack of control puts your business at risk. 


Average hours firms spend annually on Accounts Payable


of companies reference increased accuracy, efficiency, and streamlined processes with Accounts Payable automation


Companies with AP Automation that experience lower processing costs  

The Unanet Advantage

Automated and intelligent invoice scanning and accounting automation workflows

Unanet's Vendor Invoice Automation removes the risk and burden of a legacy accounts payable process and establishes a streamlined and controlled Procure-to-Pay system. Integrated into Unanet GovCon ERP, your business can optimize its cash outflow and operational efficiency while working from one central location. 

Key Features:

  • Automated invoice ingestion & intelligent field mapping

    Automatically ingest and map invoices and unstructured data to their appropriate accounting fields  
  • Data validation

    Automated audit system that safeguards against duplicate invoice entries and automatically matches purchase orders to invoices
  • Real-time notifications

    Users are notified via email when invoices are uploaded into the system and ready for review
  • Dashboard Metrics

    Detailed invoice upload status report, depicting processed, in progress, ready to review, and potential duplicates

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