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AI-Enhanced and Smart Technology

Smart Technology purpose-built for GovCon 

We believe in the transformative power of smart technology and AI for automation and efficiency. Our mission has always been to use intuitive and people-centered technology for predictive insights and prescriptive actions that drive profitability and growth in your company. Unanet empowers your project and finance teams with today's smart technology and AI as we shape tomorrow together. 

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Drive efficiency. Be profitable. Prepare for growth. 

Unanet seamlessly connects your projects, people, and data through these powerful features today.  


  • Predictive modeling

    Powerful pre-built interactive dashboards for forecasting revenue, labor, and costs across your projects

  • Financial automation

    streamlines AR with automatic collection reminders and AI-enhanced payment posting and reconciliation.

  • Smart project scorecards

    Easily identify and correlate project performance with utilization across teams, contracts, projects, and individuals. 

  • Mobile receipt capture

    creates expense sheets automatically using AI-enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) to scan receipts right from your phone.

  • Automated Analyst

    to perform data checks and adherence to your company’s unique best practices and automatically correct errors. 

  • Pixel Perfect Reporting

    for 1034/1035 document formats 


Predictive insights and prescriptive actions 

We're imagining a world where deep GovCon experience and next-gen insights converge to predict resource needs, prescribe more profitable projects, and prevent risks and overruns.

  • Create project and resource plans

    with machine learning from past project performance.

  • Anticipate resource capacity

    using AI-generated forecasts and predictive modeling

  • Predict project performance and outcomes

    to keep projects on-time and on-budget 

  • Prescribe corrective actions

    to prevent overruns and ensure successful, profitable projects.

  • Dedupe and clean your records

    for improved data quality

What can AI do for your firm?

AI helps GovCon firms get the most value out of their historical data and forecasting to look back and forward. We have created a guide to help explain how AI can empower GovCon firms with smarter uses of their data and analytics.  

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