Unanet Cloud solutions

Now serving over 3,700 customers, Unanet’s cloud-based solutions have operated successfully since 2002.

Our Software as a service infrastructure provides Unanet Cloud customers with security, reliability, privacy, compliance, and high availability through the Unanet software and Unanet’s managed services.

Unanet software offers multiple authentication options, including the ability to leverage your own identity provider (IdP).

Our cloud solutions use:

  • Robust role-based access control (RBAC) strategies
  • Encryption of data in transit (TLS/SSL)
  • Encryption of data at rest (database encryption)
  • Backup encryption
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Built on industry leading technologies

Unanet Cloud leverages the power of:

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Ansible
  • Grafana
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Prometheus

Benefits of Unanet Cloud solutions

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Unanet Cloud delivers reliable, high-quality network infrastructure to its cloud customers, supporting a high-speed private network and Internet access service.

This includes high network availability, firewalls, redundant Internet bandwidth, uninterruptible and extended power, physically secure facilities, and off-site backup. Unanet Cloud also employs sophisticated monitoring to proactively identify issues.

  • Incrementally accrued costs rather than up-front license fees

  • Ability to easily increase system capacity

  • Higher availability and remote access

  • Reduced IT staff workload, allowing focus on strategy over operations

  • Availability of sandboxes for testing system upgrades and product releases

  • Ability to inherit multiple compliance requirements

Key Features

Business application hosting services

  • Unanet Cloud is protected by AWS firewall services on all segment interconnects, ACL controlled least-privileged access, and data encryption at rest and in motion
  • Strict change control and patch testing is applied to data storage management, message/email notification services, load balancing, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification, and Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Automated monitoring detects abnormalities in the system performance with 24/7 on-call operations support to remediate incidents


  • The AWS datacenters are independently audited and compliant with all of the major security frameworks
  • Unanet provides support for NIST 800-171 and 800-88 compliance
  • Unanet has successfully completed a third-party CMMC (V2) Level 2 pre-assessment. We are partnered with a CMMC AB-approved C3PAO for ongoing compliance management
  • The AWS hosting is restricted to the AWS (US East-West) region and are granted a Joint Authorization Board Provisional Authority-To-Operate (JAB P-ATO) and multiple Agency Authorizations (A-ATO) for moderate impact level (Options for operating in regions granted a JAB P-ATO and A-ATO for high impact level are also available for certain services)

Data Security

  • Access to client databases is password protected and limited to authorized DBAs
  • Front-end access to log into your hosted site is controlled only by you. This includes not only your users, but any Unanet personnel such as implementation consultants
  • Unanet supports integration with your own IdP (such as Okta, ADFS, One Login, etc.), allowing you to simplify your user access management
  • Encrypted passwords so no one (including system administrators and DBAs) can access your Unanet application
  • Data encrypted both in transit and at rest (for your stored data)

Physical security

  • Unanet leverages Amazon’s best-in-class security measures
  • Physical data center access only to approved AWS employees
  • Physical access to AWS GovCloud (US) data centers is restricted to US citizens
  • Regularly reviewed data center access permissions
  • All data center access is logged and monitored (24x7), with all logs retained
  • CCTV is active for all physical access points
  • MFA is required at all server room ingress and egress points
  • For more details, visit https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/data-center/controls/

Backup systems

  • Unanet provides centralized and automated application data protection
  • Geographically separate data centers for backup storage
  • AWS KMS-integrated backup encryption uses the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm
  • Monitored backup logs ensure all backup jobs alert if any issues occur
  • Retention policies support restring to any point-in-time from the past 30 days, and once per month for 12 months
  • RTO targets are ten minutes to four hours depending on component
  • RPO targets are one hour or less

Maintenance plan

  • Infrastructure components are kept up to date with current security patches
  • Unanet’s cloud applications are updated on a routine basis with the ability to push security patches within a day if needed
  • Unanet follows a formal, uniform change management process for all changes to its infrastructure and applications
  • Certified engineers maintain all equipment, backed by vendor support contracts when needed

High availability

  • Unanet cloud services offer an SLA of 99.9% or greater system uptimes
  • The platform architecture includes the use of Kubernetes cluster technology and redundant components to minimize the possibility of service interruption
  • Dynamic scaling configured to react automatically to high demands on system components
  • Multiple availability zones within the AWS region increase resilience
  • Patches and minor release deployments occur with little or no interruption of service

Infrastructure integrity

  • Access-control lists (ACLs) and firewalls protect database instances from unauthorized insider access
  • All traffic in and out of our cloud systems uses SSL encryption
  • Security groups are in place to monitor and control communications at the external boundary of the network and at key internal boundaries within the network
  • ACLs, or traffic flow policies, are established on each managed interface, which manage and enforce the flow of traffic
  • ACLs are configured using the principle of least privilege, where only those privileges which are essential to perform an intended function are granted

Security & best practices

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Security and disaster recovery services

Unanet employs a comprehensive continuity of operations solution addressing the cloud platform’s storage requirements, hardware redundancy, location independence, flexibility, and speed of recovery.

We combine enterprise-class backup and restoration and multiple datacenter capabilities to ensure reliable service. This bundled offering enables Unanet to back up data and restore it to an alternate datacenter or a new AWS VPC. Unanet Cloud has a recovery point objective (RPO) from 10 minutes to one hour, maximizing application and data availability.

In the event of a disaster or a need to recover servers, applications, or data, Unanet can restore directly from backups across the network from alternate backup storage locations. All backups are encrypted for increased security.

Together with our partners, Unanet provides a mature and low-risk operation that is based on industry best practices such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is annually audited to prove we follow our written procedures.

Our solution provides:

  • Redundant servers and storage systems in multiple datacenter facilities
  • Clustered environments that can automatically scale up and down based on user demand 
  • Daily and hourly backups of all systems, applications, and data
  • Multiple storage groups and databases so that specific services can be restored without a full systemwide restore 

Privacy services

Unanet’s product, agreements, and policies help organizations address regulatory privacy requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), and other compliance requirements.

We have a documented process allowing users to opt-out of a sale or the sharing of their personal information available from our website or via a toll-free voice number ((888) 652-9009).

For more information, see our published privacy policy or request a copy of the Unanet Written Information Security Program description.

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