With Unanet ERP, GovCon BlueHalo Seamlessly Combines 11 Companies Into One

For government contracting firm BlueHalo, acquiring 10 companies in the span of two years meant making sense of a tangled mess of ERP systems.

“Some were on a Deltek Costpoint system. Some were on QuickBooks. Others were on PROCAS, and Deltek GCS. And some were on Unanet ERP GovCon,” explains Robert Richards, CFO for the Northern Virginia firm, which was launched in 2020 with the merger of Aegis Technologies Group, Excivity, EMRC Heli, Applied Technologies Associates and Brilligent Solutions. “What we needed was one core ERP system for the larger enterprise.”

With various ERP systems in use across its ecosystem, the company’s IT decision-making team had a unique opportunity to evaluate those systems side-by-side. Ultimately, they decided only one met all the needs: Unanet ERP GovCon. And as detailed in a newly released case study, that decision is paying off in multiple ways for BlueHalo. Among them:

  • Full data migration took just a few months per company, and we were able to do a lot of the work in parallel. A complicated integration and migration process that might have taken years with other ERP systems took just over a year with Unanet, saving BlueHalo staff hundreds of hours of implementation time and significantly shortening our total project timeline.
  • Compliance is transparent and easy to manage, thanks to Unanet’s robust tools for managing compliance with DCAA and other complex government requirements.
  • An elevated employee experience. The employee/user experience with Unanet ERP GovCon far surpasses that of the legacy systems previously used by BlueHalo’s recently acquired companies. “There’s no comparison,” says Richards.
  • Superb visibility into and control over subcontractors. With the ability to monitor and manage subK onboarding and billing through Unanet’s Subcontractor Portal, BlueHalo can promptly bill out subcontract costs, while keeping real-time tabs on subcontractor time and burn rate for each project.
  • Easy integrations to build a seamless digital ecosystem. BlueHalo has access to more than 100 prebuilt integrations with Unanet ERP GovCon via the Unanet Connect marketplace, enabling the company to build an entire integrated digital ecosystem around its ERP solution.

There’s much more to the BlueHalo story. Check out the case study to find out the best practices BlueHalo followed to make the ERP implementation so successful, and user engagement with Unanet ERP GovCon so strong across the company. Then dig further into our library of customer success stories, white papers, and other resources to discover how firms across the government contracting business have benefited by moving to a project-based, purpose-built ERP solution.