Keep your eye on the bottom line in real time

Unanet AE, powered by Clearview, is a purpose-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for project-based businesses. Unanet AE is a complete solution for architects and engineers that includes fully integrated financials in a single software package: Project Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing / Billing, Purchasing, Dashboards, and Reporting.

With all of this power in one place, Unanet AE can streamline your processes and keep your accounting and production staff on the same page.

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Robust GL & project accounting

Increase your financial clarity and improve your bottom line with Unanet AE’s project-based accounting. By managing transactions, costs, and revenue in one single solution, every dollar is tied to a project and is updated in real-time, so you have visibility into your AE firm’s health on demand.

Unanet AE’s integrated feature set delivers real-time performance management of your companies, departments, projects, and employees in one application, eliminating the need to reconcile data between different disparate systems. Boost efficiencies and profit with Unanet AE.

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General accounting

Project accounting

Accounts receivable

Accounts payable




Reporting & analytics

General accounting

A general ledger for project-based businesses
  • Real-time or batch transaction entry
  • Quick adjustments with automated reversing entries
  • Transaction audit trails
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual reporting
  • Recurring journal entries to save time and keystrokes
  • Dynamic Revenue Recognition with multiple and custom methods
  • Labor Distribution for posting labor costs to your general ledger
  • Flexible account period configurations to match your fiscal calendar
  • General ledger budgeting for dashboards and reports
  • Manage bank reconciliations against your general ledger

Unanet Pay

Get paid faster – Now your customers can pay invoices using ACH or credit/debit

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Invoicing & billing

Get invoices out and payments in faster and easier with Unanet AE. Handle even the most demanding client requirements with unparalleled flexibility in invoice design capabilities. Deliver and track invoice payments from a simple screen and dramatically improve your accounts receivable turnover ratio.

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Invoicing & billing

Online bill review

Invoice delivery & payments

Payments via Stripe

Invoicing & billing

The most powerful invoicing system in the AE industry
  • Incredibly flexible invoice templates and design system
  • Dynamically organize invoices with sections
  • Automatic sales journal entry with attached production transactions
  • Billing adjustments that are quick and easy
  • Typical contract types supported:  Fixed Fee, Lump Sum, T&M, NTE, Cost Plus, etc.
  • Access to a library of invoice templates on our Marketplace
  • Invoice document archive for reprint requests
  • Multiple projects on a single invoice
  • Custom logic for complex invoices
  • Milestone Billing for simple invoice automation

“Unanet AE provides financial statement and accounting data that is crucial for senior management and independent accountants. The data available and the variety of the reports are limitless.”

Chuck A., Forecon

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