Streamline time & expense tracking

Are your users frustrated by problems with entering or tracking their time? Is your data spread out over multiple systems or spreadsheets?

Unanet AE’s integrated time and expense tracking tools make it easier to create entries on the fly as they happen for up-to-date visibility throughout the organization. Real-time reports and robust, intuitive dashboards empower your organization to become smarter and more efficient.

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Time & expense


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Time & expense

Efficient time & expense tracking
  • Unanet AE’s web-based time and expense software enables the collection of project and effort anytime and anywhere.
  • Eliminate administrative overhead with efficient time and expense tracking that makes employees more productive and projects more profitable.
  • These features support systems for payroll, invoicing, project accounting, and job cost accounting.

Unanet Mobile App

The further away from the work an employee gets before entering their time, the more error-prone it becomes. This not only makes for a lengthier approval and billing process, but also leads to a slowdown in cash flow if errors are not caught.

Unanet Mobile lets all employees enter time on their own device anywhere, anytime, ensuring more accurate and detailed time entry, streamlined billing, and shorter time-to-cash. Users can enter and track time, receive push notification reminders, add comments, and enable secure biometric login on the go.

Coming November 2021.

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Mobile Features

Key Features

Key Features

  • Purpose-built for Architects and Engineers
  • Streamlines Timesheets with convenient time entry and tracking on the go
  • Drives Timely Submittals with push notifications and reminders for time entry
  • Optimized Accessibility with Unanet AE Mobile available on all modern mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Simple and Secure access with biometric login
  • Fosters Increased Adoption with a simplified employee experience

“I like that Unanet AE is able to integrate all aspects of our business, from timesheets to expense reports, invoicing, and bill payment, etc. It is a one stop shop kind of software.”

Lauren J., Novel

Geo-Environmental, LLC.

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