Mason, Bruce & Girard Switches to Unanet ERP AE

National natural resources management firm discards sunsetting legacy software in pursuit of easier operations, insight and automation

Dulles, VA, April 2, 2024 – Unanet, the leading provider of project-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, today announced that Mason, Bruce & Girard (MB&G), a Pacific Northwest-based firm focused on natural resource management for clients across the country, has switched to Unanet ERP AE to streamline its invoicing process and provide a more manageable way to gain sharper insight into its operations within and across offices.

Founded in 1921, MB&G focuses on forestry, environmental, and geospatial services, with headquarters in Portland and offices and employees throughout the United States. Amid plans for continued expansion, firm decision-makers concluded that they needed a fresh start with their ERP software. And that fresh start had to happen quickly because the clunky product the firm was using was no longer going to be supported.

Rather than let the legacy provider of that software steer MB&G into another of its ERP products, the firm instead opted for Unanet ERP AE, deeming it a superior solution for a growing natural resources firm, from a superior software partner.

MB&G had long struggled with its invoicing process, particularly, an inability to tailor formatting to its needs and manual-intensive data exporting requirements that increased the risk of errors and the time required to manage that data. The company wanted a system that would automate accounts receivable (AR) processes and streamline reporting so project managers could easily create reports and provide the strategic insights that leadership needed but weren’t getting from the legacy ERP product.

After a thorough search and several product test drives, MB&G’s leadership team chose Unanet because it offered an easy, customizable invoicing process as well as a powerful AR Automation platform laden with AI-driven automations within the accounts receivable process. MB&G believes the platform will accelerate their accounts receivable process by reducing manual work and increasing team productivity. They were also particularly impressed with Unanet’s prebuilt dashboards, which employees could easily use freeing up resources for accounting, as well as Unanet’s mileage-tracking feature and revenue-recognition capabilities, which are hard to find in other ERP offerings.

“Unanet’s demos were dazzling right out of the gate,” said Cyndi Williams, accounting manager at MB&G. “The price point was what we were looking for, and the dashboards were easy to use, not forcing us to create something from scratch every time.”

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