Rapidly Growing INF Associates Upgrades to Unanet ERP AE

Clean energy solutions firm sheds several off-the-shelf systems in pursuit of big improvements in financial and project management

Dulles, VA, Feb. 8, 2024Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, today announced that INF Associates, LLC, a New York City-based firm focused on the development of sustainable energy solutions for clients across the country, has upgraded to Unanet ERP AE to improve visibility and save time and money.

Experiencing rapid growth, INF Associates is expanding well beyond its origins as an installer of LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations in buildings. The firm has evolved quickly and today is focused on helping its commercial, residential, utility, and federal government clients decarbonize with cost-efficient, energy-conserving building solutions and fleet electrification initiatives.   

INF Associates leadership is projecting 30% growth for the firm in 2024 amid strengthening demand for clean energy technology and infrastructure. They knew that to fulfill those growth expectations, the firm would need to discard the various off-the-shelf software solutions it had been relying on. This was due to the disconnects, manual work, and inefficiencies those products reinforced across the business. After a thorough search and several product test drives, the leadership team chose Unanet because it offered a single, fully integrated, and intuitive modern solution that would scale and support its future development.  

“With Unanet, we can look at our growth differently,” said Matthew Kavanagh, COO at INF Associates. “Previously, we were running with disconnected systems. We looked at cash versus expenses, accounts receivable versus accounts payable. It was too difficult to do much more with two different software systems where we were manual intervention lead to data integrity issues. Unanet will help us look at critical areas like cash flow, profitability, and forecasting and give us the visibility to review the past and plan for the future.”  

Approximately 41% of AEC firms report they lack sufficient tools to access or analyze data, according to Unanet’s 2022-2023 AEC Inspire Report, a widely referenced benchmarking report that highlights trends, best practices, and business challenges in the AEC industries. 

Another key advantage of Unanet ERP AE that INF Associates plans to immediately use is Unanet’s powerful AR Automation platform (formerly known as Unanet Pay). This platform automates the end-to-end accounts receivable process. INF Associates believes the platform accelerates their accounts receivable process by reducing manual work and increasing productivity for their team. 

With plans to go live with Unanet ERP AE in the next few months, the team at INF Associates was impressed with Unanet’s user interface, the flexibility of the software to work with their unique business processes, and the demo process and customer support.  

“We feel really vested in Unanet,” said Kavanagh. “Working with their team feels completely different compared to other ERP providers and systems. It didn’t feel like a sales process. Our support team at Unanet was actually trying to fulfill our business needs. Really, it felt like they were already working for us.”  

More than 1,850 architecture, engineering and construction companies select Unanet ERP and CRM because they have the right mix of functionality and accessibility while also offering the ability to scale and grow seamlessly. To learn more about Unanet CRM and ERP AE, please visit https://unanet.com/crm-aec and https://unanet.com/erp-for-a-e/erp-for-a-e-overview/. 

About Unanet 
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About INF Associates 
INF Associates is a turnkey energy solutions firm specialized in decarbonization integration that performs complete design, equipment supply, and installation of projects including electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, fleet consulting, LED lighting upgrades, renewable energy, and mechanical system retrofits for buildings. Learn more at www.infassociates.com or their LinkedIn page.